La Famiglia: the Dragon Clan & Family Buff

22 July 2009 19:08

MineLa Famiglia: the Dragon Clan & Family BuffSeattle, WA – Family is important. It can provide a sense of belonging, support and love. Regardless of the relationship we may have with our biological families, for many queers like me, it is our families of choice that provide the foundations of our lives. This is, in my experience, especially true for my fellow kinksters, gender queers and those of us who express radically alternative sexual identities. While I have been witness to a few notable exceptions, for the most part, our queer identities were too much for our biological families to handle… their love was almost always conditional. They could love us so long as we didn’t turn into some faggot or dyke. They could still love us, while hating the sin, so long as we didn’t tell anyone, especially other members of the family who would never understand our dirty little secret. Father time and mother nature help you if you blurred your gender or got caught tying the neighbor kid to a tree and pissing on him a little, ’cause that would require professional help. By the time we became adults, we either learned to censor what we shared with the bios or we were censured by them. For me, the latter finally came when I was shooting my first, dirty little movie. I never really was one to accept conditions being placed on who I am. Read the rest of this entry »

Three Boys

3 March 2009 13:02

MineThree BoysSeattle, WA –- Two of my boys were here in Seattle when I came home from San Francisco. Chris from Vancouver and my local boy Blueeyes have been getting along really well. The two of them seem to be bonding on a pretty deep level. Chris has always been rather quiet and reserved. I’ve been delighted to see how quickly he has opened up and become attached to his new little brother. Blueeyes seems to be reveling in the prospects of joining the family. I think on one level he’s found something that he didn’t realize he was looking for in his relationship with me. Becoming part of something even larger than that and finding relationships with Chris and Derek as well, I’m sure has come as a pleasant surprise even if it does mean coming to grips with concepts like polyamory and a new ‘family dynamic.’

Side Bar: Since the initial period of consideration has passed, I extended the offer of my collar to Blueeyes for another three months and he accepted. We should have a fairly good understanding of how things should progress at the end of this extension.

It has been truly wonderful to witness the camaraderie that has developed among the boys. Even though Derek hasn’t met either Chris or Blueeyes in person yet, the sense of ‘famiglia’ is still present thanks to things like video conferencing and the deep respect both the younger boys feel toward their big brother. I can’t wait until the end of the month when I’ll have all three boys with me for the Washington State Leather Pride weekend.

Sometimes You Just Know

3 February 2009 13:25

MineSometimes You Just KnowSeattle, WA –- It was like that when I met Derek. The first time I saw him walking past registration at Inferno XXXV I knew I had to pursue him. The first time we played I knew we shared something special. And the first time he came to visit me in Seattle I knew he’d be my boy. I had no idea just how deep our relationship would become or the amount of growth it would foster in both of us, but I knew my life wouldn’t be the same again. I’m pretty sure Derek would be the first to admit that when he accepted my collar back in May of 2007 he didn’t really know what all it entailed but I can say it has become everything I could have hoped for in a D/s relationship.

Five years before collaring Derek I had collared another boy, Chris. He was my first. I knew then, too. I knew the connection I had with that boy would last a lifetime. Even when he asked to be un-collared and released four years ago, I knew it wasn’t over. Perhaps it was a stubborn refusal not to accept the fact that he was no longer part of my life or the undeniable feelings that remained with me through each day of those four years he spent on his own journey, but I knew our paths would eventually cross again. As I wrote back in December, Chris (see Shin Aleph Hey) did come back into my life. We spent some of the holidays together and while I would like to phrase what has happened as a rekindling of the passion we had shared, it has been more like a return to something that was never really lost. It has been as though the past four years was little more than brief period of absence. On Sunday Chris asked if I would ever consider collaring him again. I told him the collar was his for the asking and it was once again locked around his neck shortly after. My Vancouver boy is back in the fold.

Sometimes You Just Know (Bonus)And it seems I might have finally found myself a boy here in Seattle, too. After more than a year of searching for a local boy and nearly giving up on the prospect, I met Tim (see Blueeyes). We’ve had several play sessions and have spent even more time talking. Through this time together I have become convinced that my premonition about this relationship developing quickly and while I continue to be cautious, it has become clear it’s worth pursuing. On the same day I re-collared Chris, I offered a collar of consideration to Tim. We are now at the beginning of a one month trial period that may extend through a second and provide an opportunity for all three of the boys to spend some time together during Washington Leather Pride Week.

I doubt I have to tell you how much I’m looking forward to that occasion. I’m certain the play party that weekend will be a fuck load of fun.

There’s Something Special about the Relationship between a boy and his Sir

11 October 2008 17:27

MineThere's Something Special about the Relationship between a boy and his SirSan Francisco, CA –- There is something special about the Sir/boy relationship. I am specifically reminded of this fact this weekend because I am in San Francisco to judge the International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Bootblack contest. And, of course it doesn’t hurt that my boy Derek (photo right courtesy of Rich Trove) has joined me from Chicago for the weekend.

There are many archetypical Dom/sub relationships in the leather/Sm scene. In the men’s community the most common I witness are Sir/boy, Daddy/boy and Master/slave relationships. In truth the nature of these relationships are as varied as the individuals involved in them, but I have come to recognize some generalizations common to those who self identify as being part of these relationships and my experience in two of the three. Read the rest of this entry »

Folsom Weekend: MOD and Magnitude

28 September 2008 11:08

MineFolsom Folsom Weekend: MOD and MagnitudeSan Francisco, CA –- The last couple days have been absolutely, incredibly unbelievable. The over whelming publicity, recognition on the street, reconnecting with the Titan crew and other performers, and a harried schedule have all contributed to this whirl-wind trip to San Fran.

Derek and I arrived at the Oakland airport Friday morning and were immediately inundated by friends and fans. It was kind of unnerving. After checking in with Roger at Shotgun, where we were staying for the weekend, we ventured out to the Castro to get some food and were literally stopped on the street five times by people we knew or knew of us. And that doesn’t count the knowing looks, pointing and candid photos taken by strangers from a distance. It was, well, a little strange. After lunch Derek and I ran into Julian from NakedSword and he showed us my Dream Team trading card and the two-page spread in Gloss magazine. I was really happy to see they had used the image of me standing in my leathers rather than the stills from Breakers for both. After getting back to Shotgun, Derek pointed out the Bay Area Reporter’s Arts & Entertainment section front page with my image from Folsom Prison to me. Well that explained a few things.

Folsom Folsom Weekend: MOD and MagnitudeSide Bar: Derek has done several Shotgun videos over the few years he’s been doing art films and I got to meet Roger a couple years ago at a leather/Sm run up in Washington State. I immediately fell in love with Roger. That’s him photographed above, beating my nuts during a demo this past summer. That same week Derek and I shot a video for Shotgun under Roger’s direction with permission from Titan. I had wanted to do a video with Roger and Derek since I first started in the industry and I am extremely grateful to Titan for loaning me out under contract to do the video. Roger says Squeeze Play is being edited now, so I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

Friday night Derek and I had dinner with Brian Mills from Titan then went to the Men of Discipline Play Party at the Citadel. We were both pretty exhausted after travelling and settling in, but that didn’t stop us from playing. I decided to work out some new rigging; a horizontal side suspension. I hadn’t attempted this in the past so it was fun to just experiment and play around with it and my favorite stunt bottom. It wasn’t a heavy scene or anywhere over the top but a great way for the two of us to connect. I’ll be perfecting the rigging when Derek is in Seattle at the end of October and will post a gallery then.

Yesterday we had rehearsals, diner with the Titan performers and studio execs then the big performance at Magnitude. The rehearsal went well. We finalized the blocking, ran through the choreography and corrected some equipment and lighting issues. The dinner with Brian Mills, Keith Webb, Bruce Cam and all the Titan performers that were brought in for the weekend was really enjoyable. Our performance at Magnitude, however, has become the most memorable experience of the trip thus far.

The Titan Men did four separate performances for Magnitude, the official dance event of the Folsom Street Fair. Dean Flynn, Eduardo and Markus Ram recreated the imagery of the Magnitude poster for the opening set. Dean and a new Titan performer, Marco Blaze had the second set with live sex. The third set featured an elaborate abduction and water sports fantasy with Diesel Washington and a new kid who’s name escapes me. Derek and I had the final performance.

Our performance began behind a scrim, our shadows cast to the audience. A dance remix of Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood plays. As I stood apparently leaning against a wall, Derek walks up to caress my chest. I push his hand away but when he persists and goes for it again I push him to the side. Walking pass him, I emerge from behind the scrim and onto the second riser in front of the audience. Derek follows and touches my shoulder. I turn toward him with rope in hand. He goes to caress my chest again. I grab his wrist, place a slip knot around it and proceed to immobilize his upper body with a quick arm binder. As the music builds, I push him up against a St Andrew’s cross and secure him to it then begin flogging his front side. Derek is naked and hard as a rock while I hit him with the flogger on his thighs, chest, mid-section, cock and balls.

We build to frenzy then stop. I turn while securing the flogger back to my belt and remove the four foot signal whip from my torso. A break in the music occurs and I crack it several times over the audience before turning back to Derek.

Folsom Folsom Weekend: MOD and MagnitudeI begin to strike his mid-section with the whip. Crack. Crack. Topping my first front side single tail scene. Crack. Crack. The first full cut. Crack. Crack. The second cut and third. The blood comes to the surface as the music comes to its final crescendo. I draw close to my boy and caress him. As the music begins to fall away I rip off my codpiece to reveal my ragging hard-on, put the codpiece in his mouth, untie him from the cross and lead him from stage still bound.

Back stage we were totally wired, amped on the adrenaline and sexual tension. We wanted to fuck… hard. I asked the producer if we could do another set and fifteen minutes later I lead Derek back on stage. I bent him over the second riser, spit on his ass, sheathed my cock and plunged it into his ass. He writhed and pulled away. I looped the whip around his neck and pulled him back on my cock. We fucked for the audience.

I pulled out, moved to the front of the riser and sat down. Derek followed and mounted my cock, riding it up and down, all the way in and all the way out. Again and again, the crowd goes wild. I push him off, stand up on the riser and fuck him there until satisfied. I pull out and remove the condom, shave my cock down his throat and tie the condom to his collar. Then as the music dies, I replace my cock in his mouth with the checker hanky from my back pocket and lead him off stage once again.

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as fucking your boy in front of a couple thousand people.

Capping Off the Weekend

18 February 2008 13:41

MineCapping Off the WeekendSan Francisco, CA –- What’s the best way to cap off a weekend at the GayVNs? Why, with a beating, of course.

After Derek and I checked out of the W, scheduled a shuttle to the airport and grabbed a bite to eat, we headed over to the Eagle. We got there before the beer bust started. It wasn’t very busy, so there was plenty of room. The Sisters were setting up for the fundraiser. The Bootblack was preparing his station. We staked out a space out back by the stage. Good elevation to put on a show.

Capping Off the Weekend (Bonus)The boy stripped to the waist and stood with no restraints and only a railing for support. The blows delivered with the Buffalo hide flogger were varied. Rhythms changed. The strikes danced across his back, thighs and ass a mix of thud and sting. Intensity builds and wanes then builds again. I put the whole of my body behind the blows. The only sight that will stop me is blood and tears.

Both came in time. No, the tears didn’t come from the blows alone; the boy is too much the pain pig for that response. No, his emotional state helps push him over the edge. Goodbyes are never easy, but I’ll work with that too. The Sadist and the Masochist, dancing together.

Some of those around us don’t know what to make of the scene. Others understand, “Love is Pain.”

I love you, boy.