Titles, Sashes, Bashes and Crashes

3 March 2010 0:26

MonsignoreTitles, Sashes, Bashes and CrashesPalm Springs, CA – A very interesting thread hit my inbox a couple weeks ago from the GLPW mailing list. What apparently began as a question regarding Sashes became a discussion about titleholders, and I was called out by my brother Gene Romaine (pictured right on the left at the most recent Gear Night at the Cuff courtesy of Graves). Yes, it’s true, I am a Leather titleholder. I served my local community as Washington State Mr Leather in 2002. And yes, I wore the Sash that came with that title on exactly three occasions; the night of the contest when I stepped up, the day I marched in the Seattle Pride parade with the Leather contingent, and, finally at the contest a year later when I stepped down. Truth is I don’t really like sashes; I find them so pretentious. My title vest, however, I have worn with pride on countless occasions. Even now, eight years later, around this time in March, my title vest comes off the heavy plastic hanger in the closet and put back on my back. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Reasons to Play in a Leather Bar

12 February 2010 19:12

PSATop 10 Reasons to Play in a Leather BarChicago, IL – Generally, it’s not my practice to respond to bitchy queens and bitter fucks who make nasty, mean-spirited blowhard posts or comments (and I most certainly will not be linking to them here). It seems, however, that some play that my boy Derek da Silva and I engaged in while at our home bar in Seattle has sparked a little debate about playing in public. Apparently, a little rope bondage and chest punching in this leather bar was enough to offend the delicate sensibilities of at least one sensitive former-Marine, who was inclined to post a particularly ignorant and insulting blog entry on the subject, which was in turn picked up by some in the blogosphere prompting a debate. While I refuse to invest any energy on individuals who are motivated to tear others down or to resort to name calling, I do believe that further contribution to the debate is in order. Luckily, my boy Derek has already done the groundwork. I offer for your consideration, the “Top 10 Reasons to Play in a Leather Bar”… Read the rest of this entry »

Anatomy of a Scene: Impact Play

5 February 2010 10:58

InstigatorsAnatomy of a Scene: Impact PlaySan Diego, CA – Of all the scenes we do, it is our impact play that seems to freak people out the most. Impact play is a common yet misunderstood part of the Leather-S/M scene. Whether delivered with bare hands (our personal favorite) or through a variety of implements designed or perverted to do wicked and nasty things – impact play can create strong physical, emotional and mental connections. Read the rest of this entry »

Best of: the Blog

5 January 2010 21:30

Smokin'Best of: the BlogPortland, OR – On September 29th of 2007 I posted my first entry to this blog. It was a quick and not-so-dirty little post coinciding with the release of Fear and my public foray into the adult industry. The Blog has evolved over the past couple years. It is at times promotional; documenting shoots, current projects and the latest releases. At other times my blog is more reflective and personal. My blog has also served as a forum for my essays and thoughts on community and what I like to call this thing of ours meaning queer leather/fetish and BDSM. On December 30th, Unzipped awarded an Unzippy to my blog as Most Informational (while still being hot) Blog. After learning of the award I got to thinking about the past year and decided to indentify ten entries that I believe best represent my contributions to the blogosphere. Now, for my “best of: the Blog’ list for 2009… Read the rest of this entry »

Why the Fuck am I Doing This?

31 December 2009 21:44

ReflectiveWhy the Fuck am I Doing This?Portland, OR – This is going to be a far more personal and reflective entry than most of those that I have written before. A couple weeks ago XBIZ, the adult industry association, announced their nominations for 2010 awards. Among nominations ranging from Toy Manufacture of the Year to GLBT Company of the year to Transsexual Performer of the Year, there are the nominations for Gay Director of the Year. Among the individuals I know and respect nominated for Gay Director of the Year are Brian Mills, Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Ward, Kristofer Weston, Mr. Pam (with Michael Lucas), Steve Cruz & Leif Gobo, Steven Scarborough, and Paul Wilde (who is co-nominated with me for our work on the Rough line). Wow! I definitely didn’t expect this kind of recognition when I first got into the industry.

To understand why I do what I have done and what motivates me toward the future, I offer my initial attractions, my proclivity toward rough trade, what it’s like getting caught in the act and how I’m cruising for more… Read the rest of this entry »

A More Nuanced Position

8 November 2009 12:12

PSAA More Nuanced PositionSeattle, WA – A few months ago, International Mr. Leather founder and current president, Chuck Renslow, sent a message to IML Leather Market vendors and the members of our leather community. The letter announced a policy adopted by the Executive Committee of IML regarding the promotion or advocacy of barebacking – the practice of unprotected anal sex among men who have sex with men. This new policy specifically disallows entities that distribute and sell merchandise tending to promote or advocate barebacking from participation in the IML vendor market. Personally, I have myself questioned the level of acceptance bareback studios enjoy at leather community events. I have been troubled by the growing perception that barebacking (especially the marketing of unsafe sex with multiple, anonymous partners) is somehow an acceptable practice among responsible fetish/Sm players. Given our tribe’s long tradition of taking care of each other and teaching each other how to play more safely, I am amazed our response has not been stronger or come more quickly. But, I get ahead of myself… Read the rest of this entry »