2016 Booking & Class Offerings

Black Eagle with Draven Torres Tony Buff is available for personal appearances, demonstrations and other soft topics including panel discussions, community building events, meeting facilitation and guest speaking engagements.

Of particular interest to Tony are opportunities that attract local and regional leaders to advocate a better understanding of the fetish/Sm lifestyle while promoting responsible play, safer sex and personal empowerment. If you represent a queer event or organization and think Tony might contribute to your efforts, please open a dialogue by submitting a comment at the bottom of this page.

In addition to booking opportunities, Tony prepares an annual list of course offerings. Listed below are his Class Offerings for the 2016 presentation year. Additional information and requirements for each class can be requested by commenting below. Individuals and organizations can make booking arrangements through Howard at FabScout Entertainment.

Shibari Fundamentals I, II & III (three related hands-on classes)

Known as a master rigger by many in the men’s Leather community, though he would never make that claim himself, Tony Buff’s masterful Shibari rope bondage has been featured in adult films, on stages throughout North America and at many of the most respected BDSM events across the country. Now Tony offers a series of classes that present a foundational philosophy of bondage that breaks away from rote ties and instead shows participants how they can unleash the full potential of Shibari as an expressive erotic art. Each class builds upon the foundations taught in the previous and encourages attendees to improvise in ways that express their creativity and that allow them to address the strengths and limitations of their partners. Each class includes time for practical application under the instructors’ guidance.

I. Basics: Simple Knots, Basic Ties and Tie Offs for BDSM.

This class simplifies rope bondage to Shibari’s most basic elements and introduces participants to the limitless possibilities in the creative use of few basic ties. Through the practical application of a couple knots and a few simple ties, Tony Buff demonstrates the basic building blocks that can be combined in endlessly creative ways.

II. Intermediate: Exploring Upper and Lower Body Harnesses.

This intermediate class takes a different approach to Shibari. Rather than teach complete ties, Tony Buff teaches how to adapt and construct ties on your own. Even the most complex of ties can be broken down into a few key pieces and techniques. By understanding core building blocks like wrapping, frapping, cinching and folds

III. Advanced: Partial/Full Suspension Techniques.

Tony Buff demonstrates the techniques used to rig partial and full suspensions that facilitate other aspects of play. Participants will be guided through two interactive sets of rigging to help foster a basic understanding of safety considerations, foundational concepts, fundamental ties and how these elements are brought together to create suspension scenes. Each rigging set will include an opportunity for practical application.

Skills Classes

Cock & Ball Bondage

Tony Buff covers a range of ties and applied techniques for cock and ball bondage in this presentation. Whether used to enhance those certain parts of the male anatomy or to torture, these simple yet fully functional ties will let you restrict, compress, pull and secure all those nasty bits. Bring a male sub or, if you’re a guy, practice on yourself… there will be plenty of opportunity for practical application.

Play Piercing Basics

Tony Buff presents play piercing techniques and safety. This class will examine the risks associated with play piercing through the practical application of the techniques used to mitigate those risks while enhancing the deep connections formed in a play piercing scene. This session should be fun, funny and hot… at least if you like blood!

Up Ur Urethra

From traditional dilators through catheterization to the newest silicon toys for your piss slit, Tony Buff reviews the options available, examines the risks associate with urethral play and demonstrates the techniques used to enhance the safety, intensity and variety of play scenes involving the stimulation of the male urethra… it definitely sounds probing!

Needles for Bondage

This advanced presentation focuses on techniques applied when utilizing needles and play piercings as anchor points and for bondage. Tony Buff reviews the risks and safety considerations while applying best practices and clean/sterile techniques to demonstrate a variety of creative applications. This is an interactive lecture styled presentation without practical application.

Suturing Basics

When Tony plays doctor, you know there’s going to be more to the scene than scrubs and a stethoscope. In this advanced class, participants learn how to run sutures, throw surgeon’s knots with hemostats while gloved and design fiendishly freaky medical fetish scenes with an edge. The class will review risks, considerations, best practices and clean/sterile technique with practical application.

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