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DirectorTransitionsSeattle, WA – With the release of Invasive Procedures, the tenth and my final feature under contract with Titan Media for the Rough line, comes the announcement I have left the production house that has been my home for the past three years to assume a full time position as the Director of Fetish Production with the Falcon / Raging Stallion family of studios. I will also be serving as the Managing Director of, the studio’s production line and VOD distribution point for BDSM and fetish content. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to Titan Media for the tremendous opportunities that they have given to me over the years. Our work together, especially with the Folsom and Rough lines, has been a labor of love for me and a benefit to not just the fetish genre but also my community of family and friends. Had it not been for my experience at Titan, I would not be in a position to lead my own production team at FetishForce for Falcon / Raging Stallion.

During my three years with Titan, I performed in twenty-four features. These included the fetish mega-hits Fear, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover, Triage, Folsom Flesh, Folsom Maneuvers and Slick Dogs. I also appeared in Breakers, Bruce Cam’s xxx directorial farewell and the first all-male adult feature shot in high-definition released on Blu-Ray. And I had the tremendous opportunity to work with the legendary director Joe Gage on three separate projects, Chainsaw, Home Invasion and Battle Creek Breakdown.

Just two years ago, my co-director and dear friend Paul Wilde and I set out to document contemporary BDSM play in the men’s community with the Rough line for Titan. The Rough line debuted with the nearly concurrent releases of Fist and Piss and Shock Treatment in June of 2009. Fist and Piss is filled with content worthy of its title and a few innovations like Chris Yosef being fisted while in full-suspension Shibari rope bondage in addition to some creative piss play. Shock Treatment is a deeper exploration of pleasure and pain through some of the heaviest and most advanced Sm scenes involving electrical stimulation.

Bound and Beaten pushes the limits even further with outdoor bondage and intense impact play. From our darkest fantasies of abduction and rape, through brute force, gun play and pain, to the point of ecstasy and release, Abuse of Power delivers a unique glimpse into the way men play together on the edge.

The fifth Rough feature, Pierced, pushes the documentation of contemporary BDSM in the men’s community to the very edge, capturing three of the most extreme scenes that incorporate play piercings as anchor points for bondage in a stunning exhibition of the scope and power of sadomasochistic play. Deemed too rough for DVD, Pierced was never released on DVD and was only available via Video on Demand for a short period. Never before has this type of play been so thoroughly, comprehensively and beautifully captured on screen.

Anal Assault provides a thorough examination of ass play with a glimpse into the variety this type of play offers with plenty of fucking and fisting, toys, and even a fucking machine. Filthy Fuckers gives us yet another glimpse into the sometimes dirty and nasty but always erotically charged experience that is play in the men’s fetish/Sm scene. BFF: Bound, Flogged. Fisted reexamines the rollercoaster ride that is created when a skilled top manipulates the hormonal responses in his or her bottom to create heightening waves of intense euphoria that build to a moment of catharsis. The ninth Rough feature, Kennel Master focuses primarily on Puppy Play and the creation of head-space within fetish/Sm scenes.

With the tenth Rough feature, Invasive Procedures, which includes scrotal inflation, sounding and fire play, my vision for the Rough line has been realized. Paul and I have created an impressive body of work thanks primarily to the players who shared both their experience and their intensity with us on set.

My thanks go out to Paul Wilde as this chapter of my life comes to a close. His technical knowledge and theatric contributions to the Rough line were instrumental to its development, and I am grateful to have been partnered with him. I am also indebted to the skill and dedication of the entire team of film makers and editors at Titan. The talent of these individuals brought the production quality of Rough line to unprecedented levels for features of this type.

My deepest appreciation goes to Brian Mills for his mentorship. I can’t thank Brian enough for his encouragement, guidance and friendship. Brian, if you are reading this, please know I have learned at least as much from you as you have learned from me. Ours has not just been a collaboration on projects, but a sharing of lives over the course of the past three-plus years. I hope you understand how much I appreciate all you’ve offered, how much you’ve taught me and how much I want you to be a continued part of my life moving forward even if we aren’t working together.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Keith Webb and Bruce Cam for providing me the initial opportunities to contribute my talents to the industry and to offer the Rough line to my fetish/Sm community. Keith, I know you have always had the best interests of Titan in your heart. I believe that with the Rough line we were able to capture the same gritty reality that you envisioned with Devil in the Rain and Fist Dogs; and I know the content we created will be of value to the Titan catalog for years to come.

Bruce, when I first joined Titan as an exclusive you told me, “Here at Titan, we make stars.” At the time, I had no desire to be a porn star; I just wanted to bring responsible BDSM and a safer-sex message to our brothers in my community. I never imagined our work would lead to such recognition or possibility within the industry. I can’t thank you enough for helping to position me for the prospects ahead.

My decision to accept the position as Director of Fetish Production at Falcon / Raging Stallion and Managing Director of represents a dramatic shift in my approach to producing fetish content and my commitment to building a community of players. Partnering with the world’s largest producer of gay male erotica means I will now be working full-time with my own production team and the best players in the world to bring you the best in fetish content. We have already begun production on episodic vignettes for online distribution via FetishForce which will also be cut as full-length feature DVD releases. And our crew is now putting in place the infrastructure necessary to produce both Pro/Am and educational content for the FetishForce community. There are indeed great prospects for the New Year.

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