Our Thanksgiving Meditation for 2010

25 November 2010 15:34

MonsignoreOur Thanksgiving Meditation for 2010Seattle, WA – “Brothers & Sisters… To silence our egos, we press the mute button and call upon the Light to speak on our behalf, especially on this occasion of Thanksgiving, so that our every word elevates our collective soul and all existence, as we gather together with grateful hearts to sing our appreciations for all the universe has given us… the passions that ignite our spirits, the challenges that have spurred our growth, the opportunities before us and the communities of family and friends that feed our souls through it all… And as we meditate upon our personal blessings, we offer our thanks to Mother Earth for nurturing our journey and Father Time for granting the cycles that give us perspective and hope… May we embrace each other as Family, with open hearts and minds, through this dinner, this holiday season and the year to come in Love and Light… Amen.” ~ Tony Buff as Chaplain for the Dragon Clan this day of Thanksgiving

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