Released: ROUGH. BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted

23 September 2010 20:47

DirectorReleased: ROUGH. BFF: Bound Flogged FistedSeattle, WA – A couple weeks ago, Titan Media released the eighth installment in the Rough line of fetish/Sm features Paul Wilde and I are directing for the studio. When Paul and I discovered that our fifth in the Rough series, Pierced, would probably never be released on DVD (more on that when I write the book, lol), we were once again determined to capture what is essentially the rollercoaster ride created when a skilled top manipulates the hormonal responses in his or her bottom to create heightening waves of intense euphoria that build to a moment of catharsis. It’s not an easy task… and it is as far from what is generally captured on screen in relation to BDSM as is genuine sexual connection between the performers in most pornography. Thanks to the incredible performances delivered by fellow TitanMen exclusive Tiber Wolfe, Cullen Cable, Adam Russo and Spencer Reed, BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted accomplishes that task with extreme ass-play, an intense impact scene, bondage, torment and the kind of aggressive fucking that is best described as rough sex. For a closer look… I offer a glance at the trailer for BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for ROUGH. BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted and a few of my own comments.

Ready to take it to the next level? Let Titan show you the ropes in the latest entry of its groundbreaking Rough series, brought to you by the demented minds of co-directors Tony Buff and Paul Wilde. Piss play, punch fisting, skin clamping and mind-altering flogging are just some of the dominating deeds on display in this frenzied entry led by Buff and fellow TitanMen exclusive Tibor Wolfe, who show why the studio is First in Fetish.

Tall, tan and hairy Tibor Wolfe gets pissed on, fed, fingered, dildoed, fucked and fisted by Adam Russo in an energetic pairing that leaves nothing on the table.

Muscle man Spencer Reed gets his gorgeous cock worshipped before breaking Cullen Cable’s spirit during an intense flogging session.

Alpha males Tony Buff and Spencer Reed tie up Cullen Cable for more abuse, clamping his skin and tag-teaming his ass in a grunt-filled fuck.

Shot in the backroom of the Barracks in Palm Springs CA this past summer, BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted ramps up the BDSM play in the Rough line. With my current contract for the series coming to a close and the uncertain availability of Pierced, I was determined to capture some heavier play, especially since the last few have primarily focused on piggy sex (Filthy Fuckers), examined a variety of ass-play (Anal Assault) and explored role-play and fantasy (Abuse of Power). I believe that together with what we have already shot for Rough 9 and what we have planned for my last foreseeable project with the line, the first ten features of the Rough line will accomplish exactly what I had hoped to do with the series… document a survey of contemporary play in the men’s BDSM community.

You can read the entire Scene Breakdown for ROUGH. BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted here. I’ve also posted a gallery of Stills from ROUGH. BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted for your review and, of course, you can always get your copy ofBFF: Bound Flogged Fisted.

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