Released: Criminal Intent

14 June 2010 11:33

CagedReleased: Criminal IntentSeattle, WA – This week, Titan Media released Criminal Intent. The intent might be criminal, but what ensues is more steamy man-sex than punishable offense in this, the third solo-directorial release by my buddy Paul Wilde. Paul masterfully captures three scenes inspired by the tension inherent in illegal activity with some of the hottest studs in the industry. First, Leo Alarcon, who you will soon see paired with me in the Rough line, teams up with Dario Beck to break into an up-scale home but soon distracts his partner in crime with a steamy flip fuck. In the second act, I stalk businessman Eric Glock, whom you might remember from the gun play scene in Rough 4: Abuse of Power, and attack him in an apparently successful attempt to punish the capitalist for his crimes against the people. Then in the finale, Will Parker, David Anthony and Alessio Romero, Rough players all, bring a wet and forceful take on the reversal of the power dynamic when thugs Alessio and David turn security guard Will into an object for sexual satisfaction. For a closer look at these fantasy scenarios courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for Criminal Intent, my personal take on the shoot and more… I offer the following:

Unaware that intruder Tony Buff has jumped over his gate, businessman Eric Glock is preparing to unwind by his pool. But the hairy hunk is soon stunned by a charging Tony, who pushes him into the water and grapples him into submission. With both men wet and breathless, Tony shoves Eric over the pool’s edge and stands over him: “On your knees before I rip your fucking nuts off!” The intruder grabs Eric’s hair and pushes him closer to his bulge. After engulfing both of Tony’s big balls, Eric gets a fountain of piss in his face before opening wide to devour his dominator’s monster cock. The verbal Tony continues to exert his control as Eric’s veins bulge out of his neck. Tony fucks the submissive’s mouth and spits down on him before the two nut — with Eric licking it off Tony’s boot. Now shoved against a post, Eric gets his hole lathered, fingered and eaten before Tony shoves his meat balls-deep inside. After Eric gets fucked over a chair, a stunning shot follows: the hairy bottom sits all the way down on Tony’s super-thick slab, his own meat staying rock hard. Eric’s ass hairs cling to the top’s shaft, his quad muscles quivering as he rides up and down. With his dick still inside the bottom (“Squeeze my cock with your ass!”), Tony reaches around to jack Eric off in a hot visual — then dumps his load on the bottom before bolting.

I love playing the bad guy on screen and was thrilled to be paired with Eric Glock in this scene for Criminal Intent. Eric delivered an amazing performance in Abuse of Power, and I was excited to see how our interaction would play out in front of the cameras. With more physical acting than dialog, the scene plays out like a fast-paced rape. From an ambush that lands both Eric and me in the pool, through the aggressive face and ass fucking, to the orgasmic finish, the scene maintains a tempo that left us both breathless.

You can read the entire scene breakdown for Criminal Intent here and I’ve also posted a gallery of Stills from Titan Media’s Criminal Intent for your perusal.

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