Too Extreme for DVD: ROUGH. Pierced

15 May 2010 9:23

DirectorToo Extreme for DVD: ROUGH. PiercedSeattle, WA – When Paul Wilde and I first teamed up to begin production on the Rough line of fetish/Sm features, Titan Media Vice President, Keith Webb, sent us off with the words, “Shock us.” I think it’s safe to say we accomplished that mission with Pierced. Available exclusively through TitanMen Video on Demand, Pierced pushes the documentation of contemporary BDSM in the men’s community to the very edge, capturing three of the most extreme scenes that incorporate play piercings as anchor points for bondage in a stunning exhibition of the scope and power of sadomasochistic play. Never before has this type of play been so thoroughly, comprehensively and beautifully captured on screen. Pierced is unlike anything you have seen before…

Too Extreme for DVD: ROUGH. Pierced

Too Rough for DVD… Pierced, the fifth installment in the Rough line of extreme hardcore fetish/Sm features from TitanMen, could just as easily been called “Blood and Cum” because there’s plenty of both. From the twisted mind of Tony Buff and the talented eye of co-director Paul Wilde, Pierced pairs some of the heaviest players in the US with three of their most innovative scenes that use play piercing as a primary stimulus.

First, TitanMen exclusive Will ‘the Pig’ Parker is paired with Tony Buff in Parker’s first needle scene – ever. Just watching is an experience.

Next, Puck is paired with BDSM video veteran Cullen Cable for a scene that will give you a new appreciation of the term arm-binder.

Finally, 2009 GayVN Fetish Performer of the Year nominee Derek da Silva and tightbodied masochist Jonathan Cain do a needle bondage scene inspired by a classic work of English literature – just wait until you see this twisted torture.

Warning: Pierced contains actual depictions of temporary piercing using hypodermic needles in the context of sadomasochistic sex. Skilled tops manipulate the endorphin and adrenaline responses of their bottoms in a vivid and bloody representation of how Sm blurs the line between pain and pleasure.

There are few scenes that are as intimate or intense as those involving play piercing. Using hypodermic needles to pierce through the skin of your partner is as deeply connecting an act as it is penetrating. It’s up-close, personal and immediate. Adrenaline rushes through the bottom’s body as each needle rips its path through the flesh, and even the slightest manipulation of the piercings can elicit a flood of endorphins through their system. The best of these scenes play out like a symphony of physiological and psychological responses orchestrated by a skilled top. As a bottom to needle scenes, I have personally experienced unprecedented exhilaration and physical highs. As a top, I have felt the nervous thrill of tearing into my bottom’s flesh for the first time and the delight of composing scenes that drive them to euphoria.

When we shot Pierced at the Titan studios in the days preceding the Folsom Street Fair last year, we were determined to capture the essence of these scenes as well as the variety and innovation they inspire. While the scenes documented in Pierced are not for everyone and are definitely not for the faint of heart, they are as real and authentic as those you would find in any dungeon, play party or leather run.

You can read the entire scene breakdown for Pierced here. I am sorry to report there is no trailer or promotional stills available for this feature, but you can watch it now on TitanMen Video on Demand, and I will provide an update should Pierced become available as a Download to Own.

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  1. fang Says:

    kudos to you SIR, about time someone didn’t just try to push the envelope, but wanted to push it off the fucking table! 🙂

    so this release isn’t available on dvd or blu-ray, but online only? if so i’d be interested to hear what you know about the legalities of that, does it circumvent 2257 somewhat or other legal issues by having it online instead of a physical product?

    as ever, my respect in spades.
    fang x
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