Three Years and Twenty-Five Productions

25 May 2010 17:31

ReflectiveThree Years and Twenty-Five ProductionsSeattle, WA – Three years ago this month, I flew down to Palm Springs CA and performed in my first adult feature, Soldiers of Misfortune, directed by Daddy Zeus (pictured right) for Zeus Studios. Daddy Zeus became a legend in my mind when he began capturing authentic BDSM and fetish on video in the mid ’90s. In features like Brute Force, Daddy Zeus paired accomplished and respected tops with hot bottoms in real scenes that depicted authentic play with a spirit and an edge that still speak to me as a player. Before Zeus, there was Christopher Rage, who masterfully captured this raw, animalistic sexuality on the fringe in the ’80s; and of course, the great grand-daddy of BDSM art films who first caught the essence of the urban ‘leatherman’ in the ’70s with LA Plays Itself, Fred Halsted. With my first film, I was excited to be making my contribution to the genre with my boy at the time, Derek da Silva, and we delivered a kick-ass-scene. A lot has happened since then.

By the end of my second shoot, this time with Titan Media for a Folsom/TitanMen co-branded feature called Fear, I was sold on the idea of partnering with the talent and quality that a major studio could offer in order to capture this thing of ours on screen. Before principle production had wrapped on my third project, I agreed to partner as an exclusive and become ‘the face of fetish’ for Titan.

I have now been in the industry for three years. I’ve performed in twenty-five productions; co-directed eight of those with Paul Wilde for the Rough line, and was credited co-writer with Brian Mills and Diesel Washington on one, Folsom Prison. Many of these features have been critically acclaimed, and, at times, I have been honored by my performances being singled out for recognition. A few of these videos have received industry awards, and more than a few are being censored by governments around the world.

Three Years and Twenty-Five ProductionsMore importantly, I believe my work within the realm of gay male erotica has been an effective extension of my efforts to promote safer sex and responsible play. Through the Rough line, we are realizing our vision of documenting contemporary BDSM play within the men’s community with an authenticity, realism and quality that has never before been seen. I can’t help but look back and believe it has been a service to my community and the experience has led to great personal growth. Reflecting back upon these things at this juncture brings a sense of personal pride and shared accomplishment.

The past three years have been an interesting blend of art, industry and community. I have found my circle of family and friends expand, solidify and unite. My involvement within the industry has created more opportunities to share my passions than I could ever have imagined. It has strengthened my ties in communities throughout the US and Canada. The art which is the product of these efforts will be on display during the CODE event at the IML host hotel Saturday night, as we come together to celebrate our work, community and play. I hope to see you there.

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