Released: Slick Dogs

19 May 2010 10:23

CagedReleased: Slick DogsPalm Springs, CA – Yesterday, Titan Media released Slick Dogs, a dark yet colorful fetish production directed by my co-director for the Rough line, Paul Wilde, and featuring some of the hottest rubber gear I’ve ever seen, designed by my dear friend and International Mr Rubber 2009, Stephane Donaldson. Paul’s directorial style is clearly evident in this, his second solo directorial effort. Like Triage, Slick Dogs demonstrate both Paul’s unique contribution and Titan’s influence upon his work. He masterfully captures the essence of fetish with an understanding of and a focus on the connections it fosters that can only come from an experienced player and documents sexual content with a quintessentially Titan-esque signature. My scene partners, Dean Flynn and Billy Berlin, round out a cast that includes Will Parker, Ethan Wolfe, Spencer Reed and JR Matthews in three rubber scenes taken directly from Stephane’s fantasies. For a closer look at these fantasies courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for Slick Dogs, my personal take on the shoot and more… I offer the following:

The arresting image comes straight out of a David Lynch film: With his body encased in a shrink-wrap latex fisting cube, Billy Berlin is suspended on all fours with his head and asshole exposed to the elements. Both are soon stuffed by two latex-adorned studs; as Dean Flynn feeds Billy, mohawked Tony Buff shoves his fist deep inside the bottom’s hole, the hair on his forearm getting slick. Freed from the cube, Billy gets a feel of Dean’s fist and a taste of Tony’s giant slab—the two sharing a sultry stare that speaks to the scene’s intensity. The alpha studs then take turns twisting their fists inside Billy’s oozing ass, their manly arms sliding against each other as they come close to double-fisting. Tony almost works both of his own hands inside, then punch-fists Billy before the three shoot.

Now squeezed inside a near-transparent latex suit that hugs his muscles, Billy takes turns feasting on Dean’s and Tony’s throbbing cocks. The tops kiss above him as their dick heads touch in his mouth—then take turns forcefully fucking his face as Tony ups the dirty talk. Dean then spreads Billy’s hole for rimming, fingering and fucking, grabbing hold of the bottom’s latex as he rams him from behind. Tony kisses Billy, gripping him as he encourages Dean to open up the bottom’s hole. Tony then gets his turn inside Billy’s ass as Dean plows the bottom’s gurgling mouth in a hot double-ramming that gets faster and deeper as Tony pile-drives from above. After getting pissed on again, Billy sits down on Tony before Dean slides in for a hot double penetration that further shows off their amazing stamina. The scene reaches its climax with three more loads—including a gusher from Tony that hits Billy’s ass.

In truth, after shooting Funhouse, I didn’t have much desire to do another rubber movie, but when I heard Stephane was going to be involved with Slick Dogs, I jumped on the project, and I’m glad I did. My scene with Dean and Billy was exceptional. I love Dean and hadn’t gotten a chance to work with him on screen since the production of Breakers back in 2007, so getting an opportunity to work with him again was a welcome one. Moreover, I couldn’t pass up the prospect of working with Billy Berlin. Billy is by far one of the most renowned and respected stars of the fisting genre. I’m a fister in my personal life, but have only done a handful of fisting scenes on screen because, for me, fisting is an extremely intimate, connecting and interpersonal experience. It’s important to me that those things not be lost when I do it in front of the cameras, and I wasn’t disappointed by our scene in Slick Dogs. In fact, I can honestly report that as far as fisting scenes go, my scene with Dean and Billy is my favorite second only to the scene in Fist and Piss with my boy Chris Yosef.

Anyway, you can read the entire scene breakdown for Slick Dogs here and I’ve also posted a gallery of Stills from Titan Media’s Slick Dogs for your perusal.

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2 Responses to “Released: Slick Dogs”

  1. fang Says:

    sold to the Limey slavedog with its paw in the air! 😉
    please tell me this is available on blu-ray… *drools*

  2. frank Says:

    hey, bought the DVD and loved it. I was wondering where can I get that cop rubber outfit from the first scene. Any idea? I thought it was totally hot.