Grabbys’ Red Carpet

29 May 2010 15:42

CagedGrabbys' Red CarpetChicago, IL – First and foremost, I want to thank Tonya Winter and Winter Fetish for designing and fabricating our homage to the institution that was so instrumental to the development of my perversions in the formative years. I’m actually quite thrilled to be here at the Grabbys. When I went down to Palm Springs to do my first video for Daddy Zeus in 2007, I never envisioned I would develop such a passion for the work we do or the degree of acceptance I’ve received. I also want to thank the Grabbys for recognizing our efforts to capture contemporary BDSM play in the men’s community through the Rough line with the nomination of Shock Treatment in the Best Extreme Fetish category. I truly believe we are accomplishing a service to my community of family and friends by realistically documenting this thing of ours. I am forever in debt to Bruce Cam for providing the opportunity for me to share my passion and the chance to collaborate with the best in the industry at Titan; Brian, Paul, I love you both. No matter what the future might hold, I will always be grateful for my experiences with Titan. For my take on the other categories and a photo gallery of my outfit for the Grabbys

Grabbys' Red CarpetAs far as the other categories go, I’ll quickly hit those for which i have received nominations. I think it is rare for a fetish scene, especially one with as much Hardcore BDSM content as my scene with Will ‘the Pig’ Parker in Folsom Flesh, to receive a scene nomination. The scene is fantastic, incorporating authentic, innovative play and hot aggressive sex with amazing Videography and masterful film work. Will Parker was thrilling to work with, and our connection through play is evident, as it is again in the fifth Rough feature, Pierced.

Coming from a community theatre background, I am particularly pleased by the Best Supporting Actor nomination for my role in Battle Creek Breakdown. Storytelling is an art form whether it is on stage or on screen. It has been an honor to work with Joe Gage, industry legend who I have long admired, on three projects including Home Invasion, for which I received a Best Actor nomination in 2009.

Regarding the Performer of the Year nom… well, what can I say? I was surprised by the nomination. To be among those whom the Grabbys consider to be the most notable performers of the past year in gay male erotica is a humbling recognition. Whether I am fortunate enough to carry home the Lucite this evening or not, know that I am thankful for the attention the Grabbys has brought to my ‘art film’ efforts.

So, it’s about time to head down the red carpet. Jake, the photographer for Winter Fetish captured some great stills of the Rubber Cassock I’m wearing tonight; I’ve posted to a gallery, if you’d like to take a closer look. You can follow Jake on Twitter as @Nastrus, and I urge you to check out all the quality darlex, spandex, and stretch PVC gear at Winter Fetish.

I’ll be tweeting from the Grabby’s the rest of the evening. You can join the fun by following follow me here.

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One Response to “Grabbys’ Red Carpet”

  1. Tom Says:

    You looked amazing. AMAZING. I had to stop what I was doing on Scotty’s red carpet in order to focus on how fantastic you looked. Everything (and everyone) photographed so well.