Mr San Diego Eagle Contest this Weekend

4 February 2010 18:46

TrainerMr San Diego Eagle Contest this Weekend Seattle, WA – With just over twenty-four hours in Seattle I’m already about to head back to the airport. This evening’s destination is San Diego, California where I’ll be staying the weekend while serving as head judge for the Mr San Diego Eagle contest. I’m quite excited about returning to San Diego and the opportunity to build new connections within the community of fetish/Sm players in the region. Even better, I get to share the weekend with my boy Derek Da Silva, who will be flying in from Chicago to be with me for the weekend. Tomorrow evening we’re slated to present an impact play demonstration during the Mr San Diego Eagle Meet & Greet and I’m planning a very special post to the blog tomorrow that relates directly to our demo. So, if you live or are going to be in San Diego this weekend…

Mr San Diego Eagle Contest this Weekend The Mr San Diego Eagle contest kicks off with the Meet & Greet on Friday evening, 05 February 2010. I’m not quite sure when the Meet & Greet is scheduled to begin, so watch for a Twitter post regarding the start time. The Mr San Diego Eagle contest is on Saturday, 06 February 2010 starting at 8pm. Each of these events with be held at the San Diego Eagle located at 3040 North Park Way in San Diego, CA.

Although The San Diego Eagle has no enforced dress code, leather or fetish wear is encouraged all nights of the week with a relaxed dress code during early evening happy hours. The encouraged dress code suggests that a major article of leather be worn. This may include a biker-type jacket, bar vest, leather shirt, leather shorts, leather pants, chaps or a harness. (Bare chests, arm bands, belts, boots, etc., by themselves do not meet the requirements.) Uniforms and Rubber/Latex are always welcome. Discouraged items include, and may not be limited to: white tennis shoes, khaki pants, polo shirts, collared dress shirts, and heavy fragrances or colognes.

Derek and I hope to see you there. Cheers!

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