Hard Choice Performer of the Year

15 February 2010 14:26

ReflectiveHard Choice Performer of the YearChicago, IL – The 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards were announced on XX-Factor yesterday. With sixteen years, the Hard Choice Awards are the second-oldest continuously running honors for all-male erotica. All gay adult films released in 2009 and reviewed in XX-Factor were eligible for consideration. Unlike the GayVNs, Grabbys and XBIZ Awards, I am told the Hard Choice Awards are determined by a single individual who has watched each film submitted for review. The winners were chosen by Onan the Vulgarian in conjunction with reviewer Harley Shadow. While these awards may not be representative of broad industry sentiment, I have always found them to be insightful and, at times, humorous. As I read the announcement yesterday, however, I was shocked to discover that I had been named this year’s Hard Choice Performer of the Year, with the following commentary…

Finally, Tony Buff has expanded everyone’s sexual vocabulary with Titan’s Rough line, proving that one can be articulate and intelligent and still deliver walloping orgasms. His work this year on both sides of the camera made him an early contender for 2009 Performer of the Year, and he cinched it when he told me in an interview that people need to put aside the archaic concept of losing one’s virginity, in favor of a more healthy outlook of claiming one’s sexuality without shame.

Frankly, this comes as an unexpected surprise. As a fetish performer I don’t expect this type of industry recognition. While I try to do a couple cross-over projects each year, I know that my work targets a very particular niche audience with either a taste or a curiosity for sex within the fetish/Sm genre. This may not translate into broad appeal, but it is my passion. I truly believe that capturing responsible BDSM and safer sex for the screen will help encourage the adoption of positive sexual identities and promote healthier sexual play. I am proud to be a part of Titan, a studio that shares my passions, and thrilled to be working with the best creative team I could image. And I am humbled by the recognition offered by XX-Factor.

Side Bar: You can read the interview referenced in the citation above here.

Hard Choice Performer of the YearI’d also like to note that Rough: Fist and Piss was among the Hard Choice runners-up for Best Film USA in addition to earning Paul Wilde and myself runners-up mention as Best Director USA. I know that I can speak for Paul when I offer our joint thanks to the entire cast and crew who worked on the project as well as to our amazing editing department at Titan. The talents of everyone involved helped make Fist and Piss an excellent contribution to our attempt to bring really heavy yet responsible BDSM play to the screen and to a broader audience of current and potential players.

Hard Choice Performer of the YearThree other TitanMen films or scenes featuring heavy BDSM earned Hard Choice Awards. Folsom Flesh was among the runners-up for Best Videography. My scene with Will Parker in Folsom Flesh took second place for The Year’s Best Sex, immediately following the scene between CJ Madison and Coby Mitchell in the TitanMen feature Double Barrel. And my catheterization scene with Colton Steele in Triage won Things They Didn’t Teach You at School.

You can check out all of the 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards over at XX-Factor and read Titan Media ‘s Press Release TitanMen Exclusive Tony Buff Wins Hard Choice Performer of the Year for more commentary.

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2 Responses to “Hard Choice Performer of the Year”

  1. CynStorm Says:

    Congratulations Sir, well deserved!

  2. lucky Says:

    I am happy for you! I love your films, I love your style, and it seems to me even in your interactions in films you are a true leader. I would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best Sir.