Released: ROUGH. Abuse of Power

31 January 2010 23:41

DirectorReleased: ROUGH. Abuse of PowerSan Francisco, CA – This past Tuesday Titan Media released the fourth video in the Rough line of fetish/Sm features I’m co-directing with Paul Wilde. Abuse of Power is a solid feature with three sex-filled vignettes that explore three different examples of how some of us play with the exchange of power. Tristan Jaxx and I ambush and overpower Ridge Kane in the first. Erik Glock has his power taken from him at gun-point as he’s raped by Tyler Saint in the second. And Ruff Zindao surrenders to the business end of my six-foot bullwhip in a truly incredible free-standing display of self discipline and personal power in the final single-tail scene. From our darkest fantasies of abduction and rape, through brute force, gun play and pain, to the point of ecstasy and release, Abuse of Power delivers a unique glimpse into the way men play together on the edge.

Now, for a more personal take on Abuse of Power, a look at the trailer courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for ROUGH. Abuse of Power and more…

I’m generally not one for role-play in my everyday play off screen but there are some fantasies that just can’t be safely and responsibly played out unless you suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in your role as part of the fantasy. I am also well aware that human beings are capable of some very dark sexual fantasies.
Take for example the fantasy so many gay men have of being abducted, overpowered and used for other men’s sexual pleasure. Or vice versa, ambushing some guy and passing him around with a buddy or two. Conceivably it could stem from a point in our development when there was still shame associated with our same sex desires and a twisted belief that if it were forced it would somehow alleviate the guilt. Perhaps it is a product of the culture of masculinity or maybe just a perversion created by a twisted mind, but the first scene explores just that dynamic as Tristan Jaxx and I jump Ridge Kane and have our way with him in an out-of-the-way warehouse.

An even more extreme example comes from Erik Glock. When we first began talking to Erik about coming in as a player for the Rough line, he shared with us his masturbatory scenarios of being raped at gun-point. He told me on set about how the feel of the cold steel of a hand gun could make him rock hard. He described for me how he would close his eyes and imagine the barrel to his head while being forced to take piss and perform sexual acts. The mere thought, he said, would leave him dripping sweat and pre-cum. To help bring this fantasy to sexual realization, we recruited Tyler Saint, one of the most talented actors in the adult industry, and utilized a non-firing prop gun supplied from a theatrical rental house (the best means of mitigating the very serious risk of death associated with gun play). The results are among the most visceral captured on screen.

Sidebar: Some edge players use real guns in their play. This practice is highly dangerous. The danger is, admittedly, part of the thrill. While I have myself engaged in this type of play, it has been a rarity… it goes against the very nature of the training I have received regarding the proper usage of firearms and I have not incorporated it into my general repertoire of activities. I do not recommend engaging in this type of play. If you do however, do so with the utmost caution. Never play under the influence of drugs or alcohol and never play with a loaded weapon. A single mistake can end your life or the life of your partner in the flash of an instant.

In the final vignette of Abuse of Power we explore another type of power exchange. The single-tail scene between Ruff Zindao and I epitomizes a decidedly refined power dynamic. It reflects the consciousness of an exchange between a proficiently skilled whipsman and an extremely experienced masochist. While I am confident in my skill as a top to read my submissive and happy with the delivery of my strokes with the bullwhip, the truly remarkable aspect of this scene is the manner in which Ruff processes the pain while freestanding before the cameras. His ability to remain present and disciplined through forty lashes is nothing short of impressive.

The men are cocked and loaded, ready to unleash their aggression — or take their abuse. From the dirty mind of Tony Buff and the talented eye of co-director Paul Wilde comes Abuse of Power, the fourth installment in ROUGH, TitanMen’s extreme fetish line. Fall into your fantasy as six studs take aim in this eye-opening effort bursting with big cock, watersports and a bevy of BDSM play guaranteed to have you begging for more.

Horned alphas Tony Buff and Tristan Jaxx need an outlet for their aggression—and innocent stranger Ridge Kane provides the tight holes they need in a scene soaked with spit, spunk and piss.

Erik Glock is bound in the woods—and at the mercy of Tyler Saint, who brandishes two big guns as he fucks the fear out of the bottom in a scene certain to raise eyebrows… and cocks!

Military man Ruff Zindao stands at attention, ready for the punishment administered by Tony Buff—whose implements of destruction (including a whip and a big dick) have the submissive’s back and ass seeing red.

You can read the entire scene breakdown for Abuse of Power here. I’ve also posted a gallery of Stills from ROUGH. Abuse of Power for your review.

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