Sex Advice with an Edge (Part 2)

25 November 2009 13:20

FocusSex Advice with an Edge (Part 2)Seattle, WA – The second part of my podcast interview with Dr Dick’s Sex Advice with an Edge is live. Apparently, part one of my chat with Dr Dick has been his most popular podcast to date, breaking all download records for a single podcast in a single week. Who woulda thought? In this, the second part, the Doc and I discuss: my fan base that includes loads of kinky women; my polyamorous relationships with Derek da Silva, Chris Yosef, Timmy and our pup Element; open, honest communication as key to relationship success; Power Play from my introductions to my life now as a power Switch; the exhilaration of creating scenes for my subs; the cathartic and recreational aspects of BDSM; and the importance of working with sex positive & kink-positive healing and helping professionals. You can check out Dr Dick’s Sex Advice site and download Podcast 170 to take a listen. I definitely hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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