Sex Advice with an Edge (Part 1)

18 November 2009 12:54

FocusSex Advice with an Edge (Part 1)Seattle, WA – Yesterday I sat down with Dr Dick for a podcast interview as part of his Sex Advice with an Edge series. You’ll recall my boy Chris Yosef did an interview with the Doc a few months ago and I was called out to add my take on this thing of ours. In this first part of our interview we discuss: the need for a body double, or at least a cock double; the Pacific Northwest as a hotbed of perversion; my on-screen persona being the same as my off-screen persona; how I got my start in the ‘art film’ industry; workshops Derek da Silva and I present together; my mentors; my collaboration with Titan Media and the new Rough line; the challenges, opportunities and future of porn; the bareback phenomenon; and my essay A More Nuanced Position. As the summary of the podcast from Dr Dick states…

Did you miss me last week? I know, I know; it was beyond my control. Sorry to disappoint. But, to make it up to you, I have the real deal for you today. That’s right, we’re gonna get some mighty impressive Sex EDGE-U-cation from one of the luminaries of gay porn. I’m talkin big, big star here people, and that’s both literally and figuratively, if ya catch my drift.

I have the pleasure of welcoming a tireless activist, compelling educator, masterful rigger and superb Dom. He also directs as well as performs in his signature line of critically acclaimed fetish movies. He is the one and only Tony Buff.

If you know anything about BDSM, rope bondage or power play, you will probably know his name. And if you are a connoisseur of cutting edge smut, well then, I know you are a huge fan of this amazing man, just like me.

You can check out Dr Dick’s Sex Advice site and download Podcast 168 to take a listen. Thanks for the amazing introduction and a truly enjoyable interview, Doc. And we’ll be back next week for part 2.

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2 Responses to “Sex Advice with an Edge (Part 1)”

  1. richard wagner Says:

    thanks for the wonderful plug! i can hardly wait for next week. you’re a treasure!

  2. Billy De Says:

    First and foremost Tony, thank you for your truly sincere and undying commitment to getting the word out about the importance of safe sex. As you said, for that person just coming out and having a porn star that barebacks as their “idol” is so incredibly dangerous. I also want to commend you on how you responded to Dr. Dick’s questions. You said you are the same person on and off screen. Knowing you, I feel empowered to say that you were that same person in the interview. Every response came through so easily for you because you were being true to who you are and what you believe. That tells me you were speaking through your wonderful heart and not just your head. Keep up the good work and please know that I pray for you daily that you will continue to be blessed with the strength and courage to continue being such a positive example to our community.