Released: Eye Contact

1 November 2009 20:56

CagedReleased: Eye ContactSeattle, WA – Last Tuesday Titan Media released Eye Contact. Although I am primarily a fetish performer, each year I try to get cast in one or two non-fetish features in an effort to broaden my experience within the industry and strengthen my cross market appeal. Last year those two features were both directed by Joe Gage. Chainsaw paired me with Braxton Bond in one of the most natural feeling sex scenes I’ve ever shot, and my performance in Home Invasion earned me Best Actor nominations with both the GayNVs and the Grabbys. Eye Contact, directed by Brian Mills, is the first of two non-fetish features I’m in that will be released this year. The second, to be released later this year, is Battle Creek Breakdown, my third feature with the legendary director, Joe Gage.

Now, for my take on Eye Contact, a look at some clips courtesy of, an excerpt from the Scene Breakdown for Eye Contact and more…

Considering the fact that Eye Contact was shot at the Titan studios back in May of this year, just a month after my watersports accident, I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t in my best shape for this particular shoot. Fact is it took several months to fully recover from the trauma caused by that severe blow to the head I suffered in April. While I delivered a solid performance, I wasn’t at the very top of my game physically or physiologically, and it is my scene partner, Christopher Saint who stands out and shines in our scene together. From his rugged good looks to his sexual magnetism, Christopher engaged me as fast as his accent reached my ears.

Businessman Tony Buff has a hard time managing his big packages. But thanks to the kindness of passerby Christopher Saint, he gets them into his building—where the lingering stranger sets his sights on more friendly service. All it takes is one flash of Christopher’s smile for Tony to move in for a kiss, their 5 o’clock shadows grazing each other. Christopher’s shirt comes off to reveal a stunning body that Tony rubs before pulling out his bud’s uncut cock. Christopher drops to his knees to help with another big package, his neck veins bulging as he gags while deepthroating Tony. The two switch positions and Tony feasts on Christopher’s foreskin before getting gagged himself in a forceful face fuck that has him gasping for air. After 69ing, the two shoot their first round of loads before Christopher offers his hairy ass. Tony eats out the bottom and fucks him from behind, but the scene’s hottest shot follows: Christopher sits down on Tony’s cock and rides like a champion, his beautiful body captured in full as his own boner frantically bobs around. He then gets on his back for more, the two working up a sweat before squirting again.

In addition to Christopher Saint and me, Eye Contact stars TitanMen exclusives David Anthony, Marco Blaze and Dean Flynn with David Dakota, Gio Forte and Jay Roberts. You can read the entire scene breakdown for Eye Contact here. I’ve also posted a gallery of Stills from Titan Media’s Eye Contact and the trailer and clips for your review.

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