Judging Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010

14 November 2009 12:30

MonsignoreJudging Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010Chicago, IL – In just a few weeks, I’ll be in Vancouver BC to judge the 2010 Mr Leatherman Vancouver contest. This year’s contest marks the official return of Leather to Vancouver, and I feel especially honored to have been asked by Stéphane Donaldson to be a part of the event and thrilled to help select the next leather titleholder for Vancouver. The other members of the judging panel include: Head Judge, Nikitas Chondroyannos from Vancouver BC; Western Canadian Leather boy 2009, David from Calgary AB; Western Canadian Leather Sir 2009, Jonathan from Calgary AB; Rubbout Vancouver’s Mitch Kenyon from Vancouver BC; Mr. Rubber Vancouver 2010, Paul Wood from Vancouver BC; and Mike Zuhl from Pittsburgh PA. My boy Chris Yosef and Priape’s Michael Schelt from Vancouver BC will serve as Tally Masters for the contest. While in town, I’ll also be presenting a Shibari Bondage Workshop Saturday afternoon and a Fisting Demo with my boy Chris Yosef later that night. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a fun-filled weekend of events and community building. Now, for all the details…

Priape, in collaboration with the Knights Of Malta present the Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010 contest. It’s all happening the weekend of December 4 and 5.

Friday night is the Meet and Greet at Numbers Cabaret followed by the Launch Party at PumpJack Pub and ending up at a Play Party at Steamworks.

On Saturday the event features two fantastic programs; Bondage Seminar by Tony Buff and a Flogging Seminar by Master Mike Zuhl. Both take place at Numbers Cabaret.

At 18hr it’s time for the Leather Dinner at Fountainhead Pub, followed by the Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010 Contest at PumpJack Pub and the night rounds out with the Official Play Party at Steamworks featuring a Fisting Demo by Tony Buff.

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2 Responses to “Judging Mr Leatherman Vancouver 2010”

  1. Peter Hanson Says:

    On behalf of the Knights of Malta Dogwood Chapter Vancouver I want to thank you for coming and taking part in the Mr.Vancouver Leatherman 2010 contest weekend. I also want to say that I found your bondage seminar very interesting.

    Peter Hanson

    Knights of Malta
    Dogwood Chapter
    Vancouver, B.c.

  2. James Says:

    Tony, thank you for all your efforts and support of the MLV2010 events over the past weekend here in Vancouver. I learned a lot of new stuff and also a lot about myself, too. It felt good to explore (and move beyond!) some personal boundaries. Hopefully the scene here in Vancouver can collectively build on this momentum you’ve helped create.
    It was especially great to have the chance to hangout with you at the back of Pumpjack on Sunday. I won’t be forgetting that anytime soon – even after the bite marks fade!! Thanks for the attention you gave me!