Tonight at the Cuff

17 October 2009 14:35

RiggingTonight at the CuffSeattle, WA – The first‘s Gear party is tonight at the Cuff Complex. This will be a regular occurrence on the third Saturday of each month. To help kick it off, I’ve recruited my scene partner from Folsom Maneuvers, Adam Knox (pictured right) and some friends to perform a little rope bondage and rigging demonstrations. After all, the rope kit I’ve put together does contain my Gear of choice. The demos will start off the evening from 9 pm through 10 pm, when DJ Mattstands will begin spinning the beats you’ll be dancing to throughout the night. Now, for all the details, access to a VIP card and chance to win an autographed copy of Folsom Maneuvers

Tonight at the and Cuff Complex have created a VIP Card for the event tonight. If you are dressed in leather/fetish gear and you have this card, you can get in for free by using the “exit” door to enter the club. No lines! Click on the VIP graphic and print it out. You can then use it and your valid ID to enter as a VIP, and you will not have to pay a cover.

Tonight at the CuffThe Cuff is located on the southwest corner of E Pine Street and 13th Avenue in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

As I’m known to do, I will be sponsoring a Twitter contest during the event. The individual with the most followers to TwitPic an image from the event with @tonyBuff in the tweet by 11 o’clock will win an autographed copy of Titan’s latest release in the Folsom line of co-branded features, Folsom Maneuvers. Watch my twitter feed for further details as they happen.

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