Still Squigged Out

22 October 2009 21:53

PersonalStill Squigged OutSeattle, WA – Back in August I took a little trip to an undisclosed location in the Los Angeles area. I was hoping the whole project would be kept under wraps until the final product was released, but apparently the powers-that-be had other plans. The news hit the internet some time before Folsom, so I figure it’s time to let you all in on the little big secret. Sometime next year there will be a Tony Buff dildo on the market. Yes, soon you will be able to get your very own replica of my cock to shove up your ass. Honestly, the whole thing still kind of squigs me out, but then again I am writing this entry on the computer my dick bought for me. Now, for the entire back story and a link to all the images from the casting at Doc Johnson

The whole thing started this past summer. I was down for a shoot and a series of meetings for the Rough line. During one of those meetings I noticed the prototype of Francois Sagat’s cock on Keith Webb’s desk. I recognized the resemblance immediately. Keith explained that Titan was adding a series of realistic dildos to the line of Titan Tools & Lube and mentioned that Francois Sagat and Marco Blaze had already been molded. That’s when Bruce Cam asked me if I was interested in doing a Tony Buff dildo.

Still Squigged OutFrankly, the thought of having a replica, or more precisely, hundreds of replicas, of my dick out there around the world is a little unnerving. I know it’s probably one of the milestones that indicate a performer has secured a significant place in the industry, but I’ve never really considered myself a ‘porn star’, nor have I cultivated the kind of celebrity that a dildo with my own name would imply. In truth, I am a straightforward performer who brings my passion for fetish and Sm to the screen in an attempt to educate and entertain. I’d much rather be remembered as an advocate and for the educational work I do in the community than for the size of my cock.

So, why’d I decide to do the dildo? A few reasons… First, I needed to purchase a new computer. Second, a realistic dildo helps promote ‘the brand’ which in turn means more teaching gigs being booked. And third, I like the idea of using it in a scene. I imagine having some boy working my cock with his mouth, getting it fully engorged and choking on it until I’m ready to fuck him. I pull out and replace my dick in his throat with the dildo while I work open his ass up with my cock before double penetrating him with both the replica and the real thing. Hot! Right?

When we flew down to do the molding for the dildo at Doc Johnson I was still a little squigged out, but it actually went really well. JC, the guy that created the mold, is a world renowned special-effects and prosthetic artist and a totally cool dude. He made me feel totally comfortable with the whole process. Luckily, I also had some help ‘getting ready’ for my part. Dean Flynn (I’ve mentioned my crush on him, right?) got his dick molded for the line at the same time, so we were able to go down and do it together. Bruce Cam caught all the action in stills and video. No word on the video yet, but you can check out the pictures in the Molding at Doc Johnson’s gallery that I’ve posted.

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3 Responses to “Still Squigged Out”

  1. Cris Says:

    Mr. Tony,

    I think I can give you a reason more: I really would love to have a Tony Buff dildo, I think it would be amazing to use it in games I do with my husband.
    Ah yes, I am a married woman with a bisexual man and I must say that I’m learning a lot about this other side of my man with you, and I am loving it.

    THANK YOU for making our fantasies become much better.


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  3. SeattleGuy Says:

    Make sure they cast your replicas in silicone and NOT vinyl. The plasticizers they put in vinyl dildos are amazingly toxic to the human body and should NEVER come into contact with your rectum – that’s a freeway to the bloodstream. Please extend your advocacy of safe and sane play to the realm of toys if you are going to put your name (er… cock) on the shelf.