Prep for Folsom Street Fair 2009

24 September 2009 21:53

PersonalPrep for Folsom Street Fair 2009San Francisco, CA – As if there isn’t enough going on in my life… I’m in San Fran shooting Rough.5 and preparing for a weekend full of events associated with Folsom Street Fair. I sometimes wonder how it all came to this craziness. This Folsom weekend represents my second anniversary in the adult industry if you count from the date of my first release. Two years in and I’m in the middle of directing my fifth project for the new Rough line of fetish/Sm features for Titan Media. I have sixteen titles released and three in the can to be released over the next few months, not to mention the three Rough projects in the works. Two years ago at this time I saw my image on a Titan banner, larger than life, and watched as the big screen monitor played out a scene in which my boy Derek, in full inverted suspension, got ravaged by Tober Brandt and myself in the official Folsom release, Fear. Last year I was NakedSword’s Dream Team Player for September with Folsom Prison highlighted in the Bar Area Reporter. This year, Folsom Maneuvers (my fifth consecutive Folsom release with Titan including Fear, Folsom Prison, Folsom Undercover and Folsom Flesh) debuts on the heels of Rough.3: Bound and Beaten. This year I’m slated for thre Folsom Maneuvers release party at the Powerhouse Friday night followed by an appearance at Chi Chi LaRue’s Pop Goes the Zipper; a family brunch, rehearsals, an Exclusives’ dinner with studio executives and a performance at Magnitude on Saturday; and the Folsom Street Fair on Sunday. But in actuality the only place I want to be is by my boy Timmy’s side.

Late last night Timmy was rushed to the hospital with a fever of 105. As I mentioned indirectly in my last entry, Timmy was recently diagnosed with Burkett’s lymphoma and has begun an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy, so an opportunistic infection is a very serious matter. I was first made aware of the situation when the fire department called from the front door of my apartment building in Seattle followed by a frantic call into Timmy, who responded that he couldn’t talk ’cause they were takin’ him to the hospital… just before the call dropped. Luckily, I was able to reach my brother Johnny who immediately responded by locating him in the hospital and staying by his side until we could learn more. Honestly, I was a fucking mess last night. I haven’t felt so helpless in nearly a decade. I’ve known Timmy for seven years; recently took him into my life as a collared boy and couldn’t handle not being there for him. I called Chris and broke down.

This morning we learned Timmy was stable and in good care and that the family was rallying to his support while I was away, once again, for work. Today, I compartmentalized. I placed my phone on stun, left it in the green room and took my place on the set and behind the monitors of Rough 5.

We’ve just finished shooting three scenes for the fifth project in the Rough line of fetish/Sm documentaries for Titan. While I won’t go into any details regarding content, I will say that the first scene featured Colin Cable, who was a fellow cast mate in Soldiers of Misfortune, and Puck, an accomplished top from Los Angeles. Yesterday I topped a scene on one of my favorite scene partners of all time, Will “the Pig” Parker, with whom I was paired in Folsom Flesh. I couldn’t have asked for a better escape. The magic that is at the heart of Sm engulfed me and for three plus hours there was nothing but myself, Will and the scene we were running. It was beautiful. Today Paul Wilde and I directed my boy Derek Da Silva topping another friend of ours, Jonathan Cain in the third and final scene for the project.

This evening we learned that Timmy will be going into surgery again tomorrow morning to drain the abscess that formed at the incision under his right arm from his last surgery. They will be keeping him in the hospital for an undetermined period of time. I can’t help but worry, although I know he is in good hands and that Chris will be heading into Seattle from Vancouver tomorrow to spend the day with him before continuing on to San Francisco for our performance at Magnitude Saturday night. Chris and I will both return to Seattle Monday evening, and I have cleared my travel schedule for October to be home with Timmy.

For now, however, I need to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Friday night from nine to mid-night Francois Sagat, Will Parker, JR Matthews, Element, Derek Da Silva and I will be kicking off the weekend at the Powerhouse along with Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. Afterward, Derek and I will be heading over to the Triple Crown for Pop Goes the Zipper. Saturday night Will Parker, JR Matthews, Derek Da Silva, Chris Yosef and I will be doing live performances on the main stage at Magnitude. Then on Sunday, we’ll all be on hand at the Titan booth for the Folsom Street Fair.

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One Response to “Prep for Folsom Street Fair 2009”

  1. fang Says:

    i pray for Timmy every day. i can only imagine what he’s going thru. it was scary enough being suddenly hospitalized for a month myself a few years back with something serious, but this is just beyond….*beyond*. just no words.

    all i can do is send out my love and positive energy. think the best thing is exactly what you are doing, rally ’round, remain strong, remain vigilant, but do not lose yourselves during this trying time.

    please tell Him a Limey pup is thinking of Him from afar.

    with love and grrrreat affection for all of you,
    fang xxx