Help Ben (a.k.a. the Kid) Fight AIDS

21 September 2009 10:44

PSAHelp Ben (a.k.a. the Kid) Fight AIDSSeattle, WA – The fight against HIV and AIDS is not over. Recent events affecting my own family have brought the stark reality of that fact once again to the forefront. While many of my brothers and sisters are able to live long, productive lives surviving with the disease, many confront serious challenges in the battle to manage their condition. I am now well aware of Burkitt’s, a fast growing form of immunodeficency-associated non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which requires an aggressive bout of chemotherapy lasting four to six months. Luckily, our family has pulled together and we have every intention to kick this challenge in the ass. In a broader sense, I’m also proud of the contributions the members of our community of extended family and friends are making to the fight against HIV and AIDS. One such member is Ben, ‘the Kid’ (pictured above), from Washington, DC.

Ben is doing his part to fight AIDS and is asking you to join his effort to support the AIDS Walk Washington 2009. Ben writes:

Please support me as I participate in AIDS Walk Washington 2009. Your donation helps Whitman-Walker Clinic to provide vital health care and supportive services such as primary medical care, free HIV testing and counseling, mental health care, medications, legal assistance and other services that clients need.

For those of you outside the DC area, you should know that HIV/AIDS infection rates in the city are some of the highest in the entire country. In the face of such high numbers, the Whitman Walker clinic is truly making a difference in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and helping those infected get the information and the treatment they need.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of even the smallest donation. It’s all about giving what you can. Literally every dollar helps, and I’ll greatly appreciate donations of even a few dollars.

Thank you so much.



Thanks to the extreme generosity my friends, I’ve decided to really shoot for something incredible.

I’ve raised my fundraising goal to $1,000. I myself am going to donate another $10. I know that isn’t much, but again this is about giving what you can. Thank you everyone, let’s help fight HIV/AIDS!

WOW! You guys are really amazing. I would have never guessed we would have reached 1,000 so easily. So then, I guess it only makes sense we push for 2,000!!!!!!!!

You can help support Ben’s efforts by following this link. Every little bit helps and I know those who battle the ravages that still face our brothers and sisters living with HIV and AIDS will appreciate the services these efforts support.

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One Response to “Help Ben (a.k.a. the Kid) Fight AIDS”

  1. Chris Wilson Says:

    How great of you to do this. Being the manager of midwest largest gay resort(The Dunes) I also can’t emphasize the importance of raising money and awarness to fight HIV and AIDS. I have lost most of my friends to this disease. Keep up the good work.