Church St Fetish Fair 2009

17 August 2009 4:45

RiggingChurch St Fetish Fair 2009Toronto, ON – This past weekend, my boy Derek Da Silva and I have been in Toronto for the Mr Rubber Toronto Contest and the Church St Fetish Fair. Our friends at the Black Eagle sponsored our trip and one of our favorite people, Gloria served as our host for the weekend. Again we had a blast in Canada while exploring the local fetish/Sm scene. Once again Carlos and his staff at the Black Eagle were exceptionally good to us during our stay and the friends we made back in February made us feel reluctant to leave.

Friday evening we simply hung out with Gloria at the bar and reconnected with those old friends. It was especially good to see Jon Henderson and his girl, Creena. We had met them on our last trip into Toronto and I immediately fell for their queer energy (both, I believe, are bisexual, kinky and gregarious). Well, that and the fact that they are both fucking hot as hell.

On Saturday, Derek and I both helped judge the Mr Rubber Toronto contest. The other judges included: Peter Dillon, Mr Leatherman Toronto 2009; Chris Langford, Mr Black Eagle Toronto 2009; Steven Kucsma, the director of events and sponsorship for TORN; and Stephen Donaldson, Mr International Rubber 2009 who served as head judge. All of the contestants did an outstanding job competing for the title and impressed me with a youthful enthusiasm that will undoubtedly help energize Toronto’s fetish scene. Fenn won the competition but my congratulations go out not just to him but Allen D, David and Allen N as well.

On Sunday, Derek and I performed a series of demos in front of the Black Eagle as part of the Church St Fetish Fair from 15:00 until about dusk. We did some restrictive rope bondage (image above from, an impact play scene and then I rigged some guerilla urban bondage the included Jon, Creena and Derek as part of the ‘installation’. I’m really getting into this form of bondage utilizing common existing structures and improvisational rigging. It may not be the prettiest bondage in the world, but it is fluid and engages my mind and creativity. It also places the focus on the rope work and the people in it instead of on me. You can check out some of the images from that last demo in the Church St Fetish Fair 2009 gallery I’ve posted.

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2 Responses to “Church St Fetish Fair 2009”

  1. Rodrigo Fernández Says:

    Hi Tony,

    My name’s Rodrigo. I’m Spanish and my partner is from Toronto. We were at Church St Fetish Fair Aug. 2009 and took a few pics of you and Derek without realising you were porn actors. When I read Fab magazine a few days later I saw your real names and started to search for information about you guys. Actually, I had a couple of your films at home in Spain and I’ve just watched them again. Both of you are great! Are you interested in the pics we took? We can send them to you if you like if there’s an email address where I can attach them. Take care. Rodrigo

  2. Buzz Says:

    You two are the sexiest freakin’ men. Not just your looks. Your whole attitude just comes forth. Zowie.