Behind the Scenes: Shock Treatment

23 June 2009 12:29

PersonalBehind the Scenes: Shock TreatmentSan Francisco, CA – Late last week some Behind the Scenes (BTS) footage from the set of our first release in the Rough line, Shock Treatment, was posted to the TitanMen blog. The video clip captures Derek Da Silva and me chatting with Brian Mills and Paul Wilde immediately following the most intense scene we have, to date, shared on camera. In the clip, we explain what the scene involved and provide a glimpse into why we engage in this type of play. Now, for a look behind the scenes…

In addition to the clip above, Titan made a fuck load of new promotional images available, so I’ve updated the gallery of Stills from Shock Treatment that I previously posted. For more information about the Rough line and a look at what you can expect in future releases, you can catch an interview with Paul Wilde and myself that James Sheridan recorded for the TitanMen blog.

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One Response to “Behind the Scenes: Shock Treatment”

  1. scott Says:

    Man I’d love to do a scene like this. Shame that this tony Buff guy seems impossible to e-mail ??? Hint hint! Damn nice to see my kind of electro torture .. (Stun guns and magnetos).