Released: Folsom Flesh

22 May 2009 21:06

CagedReleased: Folsom FleshChicago, IL – Today at the IML Leather Market, Titan Media released Folsom Flesh in association with Priape. Folsom Flesh is the sixth in the series of co-branded Folsom films and exclusive leather/fetish films of the Folsom Street Fair. Yes, that’s me on the cover with my scene partner, Will Parker. As I’ve written before, I’ve seen our scene, which opens the film and it is one of the most stunning depictions of hardcore fetish/Sm ever captured on screen. I was at ShibariCon with my boy Derek da Silva and our pup Element and haven’t had a chance to see the reactions from the crowd watching the extended trailer at the Titan/Priape booth yet. But judging by the reports I’ve received from director Brian Mills, the facial expressions and comments would indicate agreement.

Now, for a complete description of the action from the Scene Breakdown for Folsom Flesh and more…

Released: Folsom Flesh (Bonus)

His hands bound behind him, young newcomer Will Parker is dragged on the floor to the center of the stage by leather-clad Tony Buff: “You’re mine now.” Surrounded by dark curtains bathed in green and yellow — and a video camera that displays their dirty deeds on a nearby television — the two begin an unforgettable scene controlled by the dominant Tony, who starts by shoving his leather boot onto his bottom’s chest and groin. Tony punches the eager-to-please Will (“Hit harder! C’mon!”), who is soon begging for the top’s cock. His hands finally free, Will starts to worship and deep throat his tormenter’s big meat — his goatee soon slathered in spit. Will takes both of Tony’s huge balls into his mouth, then later lies on the table with his head leaning over the edge — the prime position for a deep face fuck that has Will gagging out a huge wad of spit and fluid. Tony pisses all over his toned conquest, followed by more sucking before the two fire off their first loads onto Tony’s leather.

Now suspended in the air on bungee cords, Will is bound by his wrists and ankles. Tony takes charge of Will’s ass, spanking the milky white skin with three paddles to get his butt bright red. After untying Will, Tony licks the bottom’s hairy hole before fucking him from behind. Will bounces in the air, getting deep coverage that’s captured in impressive angles. Tony then lies on his back so Will can sit down on his cock. Will grabs hold of Tony’s harness to pull himself down with greater force, squeezing his beet-red cheeks tighter onto Tony’s shaft. Balancing in mid-air as he gets fucked, Will spreads out his flexible legs for Tony to support. Tony needs to piss again, staying impressively rock hard as his cock unleashes a huge stream that drenches Will’s back and head—and flies over him back onto Tony. After more fucking, the two squirt another round of cum onto Tony’s leather-clad stomach. “You’re a dirty little pig!” says Tony, spitting up at Will to end the unforgettable scene — a wet-and-wild pairing sure to be talked about all year.

Released: Folsom Flesh (Extra)In addition to me, Folsom Flesh stars fellow TitanMen exclusives Eduardo, Dean Flynn, Rick van Sant and newcomer Will Parker. This DVD is the director’s expanded edit, which features fisting, watersports, spanking, restraints, behind the scenes footage, and a bonus scene, available only at feature is also available on Blu-ray.

You can learn more about Folsom Flesh here; watch the trailer; check out all the gear used in the film at and purchase your copy from I’ve also posted a gallery and will be adding promotional stills as they become available.

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