Folsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 Grabbys

24 May 2009 10:28

ReflectiveFolsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 GrabbysChicago, IL – Yesterday evening I attended the 18th Annual Grabby Awards with my boys, Derek da Silva and Chris Yosef and our pup, Element (pictured right). We joined director Brian Mills and my fellow Titan exclusives Dean Flynn and Will Parker at the studio table and helped collect three Grabby honors. The first was Folsom Prison‘s Grabby for Best Fetish Video. This was a particular honor because I helped co-write Folsom Prison with Brian Mills and Diesel Washington and it was my first opportunity to help direct the scenes in which I performed. Titan Media also earned a Grabby for Best Art Direction with Funhouse and Dean Flynn took home Lucite as the Grabby’s Best Versatile Performer of 2008.

Side Bar: Like many of you reading this, I’m in love with Dean Flynn. Unlike many of you reading this, I fell in love with Dean Flynn after swatting his ass and fucking him up the ass. Yes, Dean is hot… I knew that the moment I saw him lying naked on top of a picnic table when I arrived on the set of Breakers… he is the epitome of the all American, college stud. But, I fell in love with Dean working events like IML last year and it has only deepened through events like our Titan cocktail party at Harvey’s in the Castro before the GayVN’s this year. Dean is not only one of the sweetest, most endearing individuals you could ever meet in person; he is also a consummate professional. Dean Flynn is one of the most impressive people I have met in the industry. I had a chance to gush and swoon over Dean as we traveled in the cab for the Grabby rehearsals yesterday. It was strange though; even as I swooned, he seemed to be both flattered and surprised that I would be offering such admiration… made me feel respected even as I gushed. Dean Flynn is a class mother-fuckin’ act and I’m happy he’s going to be in the Titan family for a while.

Folsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 Grabbys (Bonus)We were in the cab for the Grabby rehearsals together because Dean and I were slated to present the Grabby Awards for Best Videography and Best Porn Star Blog with Mike Dreyden (image left), who you might remember I tied down to a bar stool in New York not too long ago. Congratulations to Tony DiMarco for The Drifter and Diesel Washington respectively. Congratulations to Vinnie D’Angelo and Logan McCree on the relationship they’ve developed over the past year and the passion they have brought to the screen.

While I am thrilled Folsom Prison won the award for Best Fetish Video, the highlight of my evening was when Chi Chi LaRue called me out on stage saying she was ready for her blood scene. I felt like I had arrived.

Side Bar: Chi Chi is a cheerleader for on-screen talent. She is also an advocate of safer sex and responsibility and I love her for that. When she singled me out, it was the highest public honor I have received other than being sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and co-directing a fetish line for Titan Media with Paul Wilde.

Folsom Prison Wins Best Fetish Film at 2009 Grabbys (Extra)Of course, when I arrived on stage, knife in hand, Chi Chi asked for a safe-word. I, unfortunately replied, with a phase often repeated in my bondage classes, “Safe-words are for retarded tops.” Wolf Hudson laughed (photo left), but I can still hear my late Daddy, Dave Lewis (who was a primary school teacher) instruct me to write a five-paragraph essay explaining what I meant by that… I guess I’ll add that to the list of blog entries to post.

Truth be told, I want to thank the Grabby’s (especially Stacy), not just for the Best Actor, Best Newcomer and Best Solo Scene nominations, Titan’s wins or their impeccable organization, but for providing one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in the industry. Thank you.

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