Bound, Beaten and Tickled – Playing at the IML Leather Market

23 May 2009 17:31

RiggingReleased: Folsom FleshChicago, IL – Today at the IML Leather Market, I joined Titan exclusive and friend, Dean Flynn with my boys Derek da Silva and Chris Yosef and our pup, Element to work the Titan/Priape booth. I also got an opportunity to play with Will Parker, my scene partner in the TitanMen release, Folsom Flesh. Impromptu rope bondage, Tomcat flogging/whipping and male bonding is a great way to start-off a day of work and play. As you can tell from the video clip below, the chemistry between Will ‘the Pig’ Parker and I is as strong now as it was when we shot our scene for our TitanMen/Folsom Street Events co-branded release for IML in association with

Thanks to the Pup and his handy work with the camera, I’ve also posted a few snap-shots of the rigging to a gallery here.

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3 Responses to “Bound, Beaten and Tickled – Playing at the IML Leather Market”

  1. fang Says:

    hope you didn’t take its hanging up on skype as a slight or disrespect SIR – just couldn’t hear anything but static! email it your cell, and it’ll ring you tomorrow early eve your time if that’s suitable for you!

    off to bed now, thank you for trying anyway – it was appreciated.

  2. Brett Says:

    Oh So amazing! Would love to have been in Mr. Parker’s place for that. You make him look even better than he ordinarily does. Love that you went in for the armpit tickle … who could resist with his arms stretchedout like that. If you ever get me in a position like that, let your “evil” hang out just a little more on me. ;o{) I’m good for it.

  3. Antonio Says:

    very sexy Tony Buff, kissed me, I’m crazy about you, (MDR)