Released: Triage

29 April 2009 13:46

CagedReleased: TriageSeattle, WA – Yesterday in San Francisco, Titan Media released Triage. It’s been five months since I’ve appeared in a feature released by the studio that has become my home, but this one should be well worth the wait… especially for those of you waiting for a performance that includes some extreme fetish play (admittedly, Home Invasion is one of the two fairly vanilla performances I delivered last year). Triage represents my eighth feature released by Titan and my eleventh overall in the industry. It is also the feature directorial debut for award winning cinematographer, Paul Wilde. Paul is a player in the community, dear friend and my co-director for the new line of fetish/Sm features presented by Titan, so I’m excited to see the entirety of this particular release.

Being a director for Titan does have its privileges, however. While I haven’t yet seen the whole movie, I have seen the near final edit of my scene, the finale, with scene partner, Colton Steele. It’s a great scene and I love how the connection Colton and I developed resonates on screen. The Scene Breakdown for Triage describes our scene as follows:

Released: Triage (Bonus)

While stocking up in the supply room, fireman Colton Steele playfully wraps a bandage around Tony Buff. “You don’t wanna play with me, kid,” smiles the handsome Tony, who soon kisses the hairy Southern cutie. Colton licks Tony’s buff body, working his way down to his huge cock. Tony immediately exerts his control, keeping his strong hands on Colton’s head and neck to guide him while offering calm demands and encouragement. The pleaser works up Tony’s huge shaft and big balls, jacking his own boner while sucking him. Tony constantly puts his hand under Colton’s chin, making him look up as they gaze into each other’s eyes before kissing. Colton gets back to sucking, and the two let go of their first loads—with Colton firing onto Tony’s leg.

Tony then preps Colton for an unforgettable submission procedure, wrapping him up in bandages from neck to ankles. The bottom surrenders control, an immobile mummy at his master’s mercy. The alpha top cuts a hole to release Colton’s cock and balls, teasing his student’s stiff shaft and attaching a leather ring to his balls – later chaining it to a bucket that pulls on Colton’s sac. Tony then inserts a catheter down Colton’s urethra and injects some fluid, getting him to piss in the bucket. Tony also unloads a big stream of piss before letting his subject loose—then dominates Colton’s ass with his tongue and cock. Tony works up a sweat as he pounds the hard bottom in a variety of positions before they come again — with Tony getting a huge cum trajectory over Colton’s bod.

In addition to me, Triage stars fellow TitanMen exclusives Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant with Charly Diaz, Gio Forte, Daniel Holden, Frank Philipp, Bryan Slater, Colton Steele, and Kurt Weber. Bonus features include a behind-the-scenes featurette followed by an interview with Colton Steele and I discussing our scene together, a cumshot compilation, trailers and a look at TitanMen Tools and Lube.

You can learn more about Triage here and purchase your copy from While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, you can check out the promotional stills for my scene with Colton in the gallery I’ve posted.

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  1. fang Says:

    am *really* looking forward to seeing that scene with colton SIR for sure!
    ((thumps tail on floor hard))

  2. mascdudewriter Says:

    Sounds very hot! Can’t wait to see it.