Released: Squeeze Play

6 April 2009 14:29

CagedReleased: Squeeze PlaySan Francisco, CA –- Just about anyone into Cock & Ball Torture (cbt) and really heavy scenes caught on DVD is most likely familiar with Roger of San Francisco and Shotgun Video. I love his work. There isn’t much out there that compares to the intensity and level of play Roger captures on screen. My boy Derek had already worked with Roger before I met him and I’d wanted to work with him since I decided to get into the industry. Last summer, the Execs at Titan granted me special permission to do just that even though I was under contract as an exclusive.

Roger let me bring Derek in for the shoot and just let us play while he documented the entire session. The feature starts off with me shaving the boy down the way we usually do on the first night of a run like Inferno and contains over two hours of brutal cbt including squeezing, punching and kicking. It was a very comfortable shoot and the results captured on screen are probably some of the best representations of the kind of play we engage in and the connection we share. We had an incredible time and I think it resonates on screen. I can’t thank Titan or Roger enough for the opportunity.

You can check out all the details here or purchase a copy of Squeeze Play for yourself. To learn more about Roger and Shotgun Video, I suggest checking out Roger of SF.

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