Folsom Prison Wins GayVN Best Fetish Film

30 March 2009 11:09

ReflectiveFolsom Prison Wins GayVNs Best Fetish FilmSan Francisco, CA –- Folsom Prison wins Best Fetish Film at the 11th Annual GayVN Awards at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. This marks the third year in a row that one of Titan Media’s co-branded features with Folsom Street Events has won the Best Fetish or Fetish (Extreme) category at the GayVNs with Folsom Filth in 2007 and Fear in 2008. It is also the second year in a row that Derek and I had scenes together in the winning feature (note: Derek has been in all three). I can’t help but feel a personal sense of accomplishment following this recognition since Folsom Prison was my first venture into writing and directing. Thanks to Brian Mills’ willingness to collaborate so fully, Diesel Washington and I have co-writing credit with him and I was given the opportunity to co-direct the scenes I have in the film.

Titan brought home three other chunks of Lucite. Breakers, Bruce Cam’s xxx directorial farewell, won both Best All-Sex Film and Best HD Feature. Tommy Ruckus and Jackson Wild won Best Solo Performance for their scene in Home Invasion.

I didn’t win Best Actor and neither Derek nor I were recognized as Best Fetish Performer.

Ricky Sinz took home the Best Actor award for his role in To the Last Man. I know Ricky personally; hang with him on occasion in Chi town and my congratulations go out to him. Ricky is a fine performer and a good guy. He’s also been a safer sex advocate and educator doing things like PSAs and benefits for local Chicago groups like Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN), which is greatly appreciated.

Tober Brandt was recognized as the Best Fetish Performer of the year. I consider Tober a friend and love him like a brother because he is a real player and a genuine person. He is also twisted, queer and fucked up in ways that make Derek and I feel kindred to him while at the same time fill us with brotherly concern. Tober would be the first to admit he never said he was a role model. Nevertheless, as performers I think we have a responsibility to set a positive example. Some may disagree with me, but Tober’s body of work this past year has included bareback performances that, in my opinion, run contrary to those efforts. Tober knows how I feel about these things. We have talked about them face to face and I respect that those decisions are his to make, but with no disrespect to Tober, I believe Derek would have been a better choice for Fetish Performer. Industry awards carry some weight and I would rather see it applied to promoting performers whose activities show responsibility to our community.

Of course these are the industry awards that gave several nominations and at least one individual award (Best Bottom) to Brent Corrigan, who started out not just with bareback performances but at the illegal age of seventeen. Now, I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t be given a second chance, but I can’t help but wonder what repercussions will come to an industry that celebrates risk behavior and controversy so blatantly – more sales to the profiteers and more risk behavior in our own communities, I’m guessing.

Folsom Prison Wins GayVNs Best Fetish FilmPersonally, I feel like I’ve already won. Less than two years ago, I entered the industry with a desire to bring safer sex and responsible play to the screen. Now I’m performing in and co-directing a new line of fetish/Sm features with Paul Wilde for Titan with Brian Mills as a mentor. Very few performers have ever been given such an opportunity.

I’m blessed. I have my boy Derek who convinced me to capture our passions on video and continually challenges me to up my game with every scene we do on set or off. And, I have a studio that has become a home. Bruce Cam and Titan Media have invested not just in me but in content that includes heavy fetish/Sm play with a consciousness of character. From performers and crews, through the editing and marketing departments, Titan represents quality in both product and principle.

I may not have been given the opportunity to do so on stage at the GayVNs, but I can express my appreciation here in this blog. Derek, Bruce, Keith, Brian and Paul… thank you for everything you have done and all that you have taught me.

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5 Responses to “Folsom Prison Wins GayVN Best Fetish Film”

  1. fang Says:

    congratulations to you both on the win, well deserved and SIR hits all the proverbial nails right on the head in His post above. understand what you mean about Tober too – as this slavedog looks up to Him, but at the same time wonders when is too much ‘too much’? especially where there are more younger and impressionables coming up behind me. but hey – there it is, it’s His path to travel. was very pleased for my friend ‘Logan McCree’ bagging a triple whammy. knowing Him of old, i know that He’ll be politely blase about them, but secretly pleased – more for the validation of the hard work and sacrifice He put in the past few years more than anything else, so kudos to Him too.

    off to Berlin a week friday to celebrate an early birthday and much-needed break away from things here, hope SIR got my last email some weeks ago re: our back and forth on The AEF etc. it knows SIR has been busy though – hey, we all have right? things are tough all over right now and it’s just seemingly a case of keeping ones head down and getting thru it. but yeah, we should try and catch up post Germany for sure SIR.

    respectful dog barks to you both,
    fang xx

  2. Derek da Silva Says:

    I was talking with my brother (and your boy Chris) on Mr. Corrigan’s past work and his present. I think Chris gave me a good insight – a young man may make mistakes, but that doesn’t keep him from learning and doing better. Brent’s work is now all condom,, from what I understand and as such I think we should congratulate him on making changes that are positive for our community.

  3. gloria Says:

    SHIT. i am struggling with someone very young who is barebacking. in all my experience in Death as a result in this i am finding it hard to convey the risks. PAINFUL to get the youth to listen. HELP.

  4. gloria Says:


  5. Mat Says:

    Hey, I’ve been reading your excellent blog for a good few months now – thanks for sharing this part of your life and world with us.

    This post really struck me, I remember reading about how many in the community have been HIV blase – almost blind to traditional awareness work and campaigns because they have seen them so often. Porn companies and those in the films are the ones who need to lead by example. Wrote a post about this because of your post, came to the conclusion that one of the really important aspects that porn companies need to remember is that they are helping to dispel a myth. Hot sex doesn’t have to be bareback … condoms don’t have to kill the moment or make a scene any less horny.

    Mat xx