30 January 2009 19:10

CagedBlueeyesSeattle, WA – So, I met this boy… Yeah, I know… What’s fuckin’ new? Well, this one for starters.

His name is Tim, but I’ve taken to calling him ‘Blueeyes’ for obvious reasons. I met him over a year ago at a party but he was with another rigger friend of mine so didn’t go any further than the introduction. At least not until receiving a message from him a few days after creating a Recon account early last month.

It really couldn’t have come at a better time. I had just found out that the boy, Jeff, who I had been courting here in Seattle for more than a year had met someone, fallen in love and settled into a relationship with this other person. It didn’t come as much of a shock, but was rather heartbreaking nonetheless. I fell in love with the boy, I gave him a glimpse into my world, and I’m sure he loved me too, but the truth is Jeff wasn’t looking for the kind of relationship I was offering. And, in reality, truth is more important than desire.

BlueeyesAs smitten as I was with Jeff when we first met I have to admit, the courting of this new boy has taken me by surprise. The first night we met out for drinks, I choked him out three times in the little local neighborhood bar. I had him strung from my ceiling shortly thereafter and been exploring all number of things since. I have a feeling this new relationship has the potential to develop quite rapidly, primarily because this boy is an actual player with some experience who has fully embraced his taste for BDSM and established a place for himself in the community.

He may only be 23, but this kid appears to have his head on straight. His basic philosophy and approach to play is strikingly similar to mine and from our conversations it seems we share those core values I write about so often in common. He has also expressed interest in many of my favorite sadomasochist arts and he’s a switch which means I might have found a boy in who I could invest some of my more advanced skills so they might be passed on to another generation.

I don’t know where this might lead. The connection here is strong but I will be proceeding with caution. I will say this I’m really enjoying our time together and having him at my side for the SML social Wednesday night made the event one of the best in my memory (photos above).

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