Medi/Fetish Shoot

5 November 2008 16:06

CagedMedi/Fetish ShootSan Francisco, CA –- We completed our scene for the Medi/Fetish themed feature for Titan a few minutes ago. It was an excellent shoot.

My scene partner for the production was Colton Steele. Colton had sought me out as a scene partner and we had negotiated out the scene, which included some pretty extreme play, prior to meeting in person. Luckily, we had a brief opportunity to do that at Folsom and Titan had us stay together at the studio apartment for the shoot which gave us the chance to build a connection and the trust necessary for the scene to work.

I was immediately attracted to Colton. I like shorter boys with naturally athletic builds. He has an easy smile and deep brown, expressive (sometimes pleading) eyes. He’s quite furry and very masculine in a simple, honest way. This is enhanced by his personality and attitude. He’s also young and seemed easily distractible. I really don’t understand the txt’in’ phenomenon. To Colton’s credit, when we went to dinner and I told him to put the phone away, he did. I’m glad he did, too. He’s got an interesting background and stories that reveal much about his character. I could fall for this boy.

Colton was clearly comfortable on set, too; present, focused and engaged. The connection was palpable and the scene went without a hitch. I sensed only a little nervousness regarding the fetish portion our scene. By the time we shot that on the second day, the trust was there and it was all I had hope it would be. More on that when the feature is released, I’m sure.

All in all, it was one of the easiest and most enjoyable experiences I’ve have on set. I’ve developed a wonderful working relationship with Brian Mills and Paul Wilde, the crew was exceptional and I had a great scene partner.

Civic Side Bar: My congratulations to the President-Elect, Barak Obama and to the American people for electing him to the highest office in the land. My worries regarding the draconian blow to civil rights and the American principle of equality under the law delivered by the apparent passage of Proposition 8 in California.

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2 Responses to “Medi/Fetish Shoot”

  1. fang Says:

    have to say, although no major porn afficianado, i’m very much intruiged by this pairing – your expertise coupled with Colton (who’s nothing short of adorable) just has to prove an explosive mix, surely SIR!
    woof to derek.
    fang x

    ps: going to try and email you something that will amuse you, but not sure an attachment will get thru – we’ll see.

  2. fang Says:

    just read this on the ‘Unzipped’ blog SIR:

    Rumor has it that one of the major studios is currently courting Steele to sign as an exclusive, a rumor Steele with neither confirm or deny. “I’m just happy to be working at all,” he says. “I tried to get into porn right out of high school and got rejected because I wasn’t muscular enough. I want to show people that you don’t have to have the perfect model body or be smooth or have the same jock look to make it in this industry. You can just be you. I am who I am, and it’s my imperfections that keep getting me jobs. And I want to tell them to follow their dreams and don’t give up. I didn’t, and now I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to.”

    with an attitude like that, that boy’s gonna go far.
    to be honest, kinda makes me proud that there are guys out there like yourselves that care and give back – it does make a difference.
    – pup