Trailer and Stills from Chainsaw

15 May 2008 10:53

PersonalTrailer and Stills from ChainsawSeattle, WA –- Earlier this week I received the trailer for Chainsaw from Titan and yesterday I downloaded the stills to share with you.

As you can see from the trailer, Chainsaw is another excellent example of the production quality captured in Titan features. From cinematography to packaging and all the myriad of elements that are part of production process, Titan has brought together some of the best talent in the industry. Director Joe Gage delivers the perfect balance of plot and action to provide enough back-story to enhance the sexual energy on screen. Now, I admit I prefer the kinkier, heavier stuff, but I have to say, Joe Gage has a knack for portraying male dominated environments and creating scenarios that make me go… yeah, that’s fuckin’ hot.

And speaking of fucking hot, my scene partner for Chainsaw, Braxton Bond (pictured above), was that and more. There is something about Braxton that brings out the subtle predator in me. From the moment I met Braxton I wanted to get into his head. It was clear he wasn’t into heavier play but that didn’t stop me from tempting him into my world through the shoot. If you look for it, you can see this play out on screen. It may not be heavy but I think it’s beautiful nonetheless. I’d love to see that boy again. Maybe this time he’ll let me tie him up.

I’ve posted the trailer here and the stills to a gallery under my pics page. You can learn more about Chainsaw here or purchase your own copy through

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