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10 March 2008 8:38

RiggingAs RequestedSan Francisco, CA –- Several readers have requested more pictures of my rope work. Some have asked that I elaborate on using rope to seduce. Lo’ and behold, the universe has granted an opportunity to comply. After helping friends move a refrigerator, brunch and meeting up with more friends in the Castro, my boy and I went to the Eagle for Beer Bust. The place was crowded. Cheer San Francisco was having a fundraiser. Mama Reinhardt and members of the family were there.

Derek and I finally worked our way into a corner of the patio with the help of some of our cohorts. I ran another variant of the quick arm binders Mark Yu taught me on Derek (right). I did it primarily to have some fun and entertain our friends. This attracted some attention. Enter Rich Stadtmiller and a group of boys that included Joseph. (below). Rich is a photographer that chronicles community events and posts the pictures to his website at Joseph is the boy seduced.

As RequestedThe first thing you need to do in order to seduce a boy with rope is get his attention. Sometimes this is as easy as wearing a couple coils of rope on a carabineer attached to your belt. I’ve gone as far as standing on a bench in a crowed bar holding a coil above my head but then I’m subtle like a brick to the face. I get the best results attracting the attention of a new boy, however, by running rope on someone I already know, like Derek. This inevitably sparks an interest. Generally, I’ll stick to quick binders and fast tie-downs for this purpose… remember, boys have short attention spans. I run the rope with confidence and clearly answer any questions from the folks watching. This helps assure the boy that might have the courage to step up.

When I finished the binder on Derek, Joseph’s buddies pushed him forward and it didn’t take long to get his shirt off. I learned as I uncoiled my line that Joseph had never been in rope bondage before. I make my physical assessment as I ask him about pertinent health issues and injuries. I talk him through as I run the rope across his body and stay close to give him a sense of security.

Sidebar: Do Not Touch the Boy in Bondage. If you are out and come across a boy in bondage (handcuffs, shackles, restraints, rope, a collar), don’t fucking touch unless you get permission. This isn’t some abstract SM/leather culture etiquette; it’s common courtesy.

With Rich’s permission I’ve posted a few of the shots he took to a gallery under my pics page to share them with you.

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