Rock Hard with the TitanMen

16 February 2008 16:26

CagedRock Hard with the TitanMenSan Francisco, CA –- The first official event of the weekend was a public appearance at the Rock Hard in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood. It was a promotional event coinciding with the VOD premiere of Breakers exclusively on

Breakers Director and Titan Media studio head Bruce Cam was present with Vice President Keith Webb, Director Brian Mills, Cinematographer Paul Wild and Production Coordinator Ed Vincent. The TitanMen on-hand included (as pictured from left to right): Damien Crosse, Rick Van Sant, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, Alex Berasi, Derek da Silva, Tony Buff, and Bjoern Giger. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe I’m associated with a studio of Titan’s caliber and included with performers like those pictured above.

Rock Hard with the TitanMen (Bonus) As Breakers played in the background on a large flat-screen TV inside the shop we were occupied by signing autographs, photo ops and questions about our work. While Dean, Alex and I were taking our turn inside we got a chance to snap this picture (left) with Julian from

As those of you who read my journal regularly already know, I really enjoyed working with Dean Flynn; he’s a beautiful, intelligent guy and talented performer. What I haven’t shared yet is what a pleasure it was working with Alex Berasi. I got a chance to complete a scene with him and Vinnie D’Angelo for Folsom Prison (in production now) a couple weeks ago. I was a bit concerned about the size difference (Alex is a gorilla of a man) but the connection between us was so good I think it’s is one of the best scenes in which I’ve been. Not to mention he’s so sweet, I just want to lock him in a cage and shove bananas… but I digress. The prison-themed Folsom feature is slated for release over IML weekend. If the energy of that scene is any indication of film as a whole it will be well worth the purchase price.

We left immediately following our appearance for rehearsals at the Giftcenter. No comment on that particular cluster-fuck. We’ve got a little over an hour to get ready for the show. Wish us luck in the extreme category.

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