Capping Off the Weekend

18 February 2008 13:41

MineCapping Off the WeekendSan Francisco, CA –- What’s the best way to cap off a weekend at the GayVNs? Why, with a beating, of course.

After Derek and I checked out of the W, scheduled a shuttle to the airport and grabbed a bite to eat, we headed over to the Eagle. We got there before the beer bust started. It wasn’t very busy, so there was plenty of room. The Sisters were setting up for the fundraiser. The Bootblack was preparing his station. We staked out a space out back by the stage. Good elevation to put on a show.

Capping Off the Weekend (Bonus)The boy stripped to the waist and stood with no restraints and only a railing for support. The blows delivered with the Buffalo hide flogger were varied. Rhythms changed. The strikes danced across his back, thighs and ass a mix of thud and sting. Intensity builds and wanes then builds again. I put the whole of my body behind the blows. The only sight that will stop me is blood and tears.

Both came in time. No, the tears didn’t come from the blows alone; the boy is too much the pain pig for that response. No, his emotional state helps push him over the edge. Goodbyes are never easy, but I’ll work with that too. The Sadist and the Masochist, dancing together.

Some of those around us don’t know what to make of the scene. Others understand, “Love is Pain.”

I love you, boy.

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2 Responses to “Capping Off the Weekend”

  1. Derek da Silva Says:

    I love you, Sir.

    A special shout out to whoever programs the music at the SF Eagle. We started our flogging scene with The Stooges “Dirt” playing and ended with Sonic Youth’s “Starpower” for the cool down (perfect!). For me that was great play music – I just wish I could program that kind of music at Inferno…

  2. fang Says:

    awesome. you’re both just awe-inspiring to this slavedog.

    love the music choices too – ‘i wanna be your dog’ would be mine of course! 😉

    slavedog fang
    ps: hope you got this pups return email SIR, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. also, hope that SIR has had some luck with getting His whip back…