And the Winner is…

17 February 2008 11:04

ReflectiveAnd the Winner is...San Francisco, CA –- The entire Titan crew rallied en masse in front of the Giftcenter then made our way down the red carpet together, stopping only to give our regards to Tim & Roma. Once inside Derek and I got cocktails and mingled a bit visiting with friends before congregating the front table reserved for Titan. Excellent seats. I had the honor of sitting between studio owner Bruce Cam and director Brian Mills. Because of the number of presenters and nominees from Titan there wasn’t room at the front table and Derek had a ticket for the back table, so I rigged one of those quick binders I’ve been so fond of lately and he spent the show bound on his knees behind my chair. It was too cute and very much in keeping with our reputation.

TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn, Rick Van Sant, Alex Berasi, Diesel Washington and I presented three awards including Best Music, Best Screenplay and Best Foreign Release (photo above). That was fun. I’m wonderfully comfortable on stage thanks to all the time I’ve spent working within the Leather/SM community. I tend to be a little more reserved than the other guys, but I think I did a good job controlling the pace and flow on stage.

And the Winner is...(Bonus)Best news of the night, Titan brought home three GayVNs including Best Specialty Release (Extreme) for Fear, Best Leather Video for Folsom Leather, and Best Videographer to Brian Mills and Paul Wilde. Derek and I got a photo op of our own with Bruce Cam, Keith Webb and the awards (right). Congratulations to everyone involved with the productions and to Brian and Paul specifically.

Afterward, the two of us were invited for a celebratory limo ride across the Golden Gate Bridge with friends from Chicago. What a beautiful sight. Then we made our way to the Powerhouse to catch the end of the Mr. Powerhouse Leather contest where many of our friends in San Francisco were meeting. We stayed until last call when Mr. Pam invited us over for an after party that included some impromptu rope bondage and punching instruction by yours truly. I can report that Mr. Pam packs a good punch.

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2 Responses to “And the Winner is…”

  1. Tball Says:

    Great post. I can verify that from a photographer/audience standpoint, you were a fine presenter and commanded the stage. (Diesel is taller, but you’re the boss.)

    And I totally get that Mr. Pam would pack a mean punch.

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